Gsquared Nessie, and or Sasquatch

Is anyone waiting to jump on the Nessie tonight?

I love my Atross but im not sure about the Nessie.
I sure would like a SAS

Can I expect the Sasquatch to sell out in 10 minuets?

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I’d get the Nessie, Sasquatches are just so heavy feeling, and other than the hulk smash the Nessie has better colors, and is less expensive.

It really depends on what you plan to spend

i dont know what theyll retail for, but i can nearly promise you the Nessie will cost less. based on the BST however, the Sasquatch is a better investment.

im sure both are great yoyos. i havent thrown a Nessie, but i dont think OD would let G2 release a bad yoyo. The sasquatch is a great player, but might be big for some peoples tastes.

You can’t really compare the two if you ask me … Nessie is a new release … Sas has been out for a while… And I had one. Smooth as hell just like my avalanche except slightly heavier …

If I had to pick from the two it would be Sas off course …

Not just because of bst worth but I know how well it plays

…not to take Anyang from the Nessie … Haven’t played it but have played the alba …

I would still pick Sas over albatross though. Main reason I got rid of my sas cus it wasn’t mint :slight_smile:

I am very tempted to go for the Sasquatch !!!

I’ve thrown a Sas,iI own a Nessie… and between the two, I’d buy another Nessie…right now it is the most underrated new release… YYE has some sick colorways (that can only be found here) - some others on their site… grab one, then with the Extra few bucks grab yourself some Dragon strings… good to go

I’ve heard good things about G2 so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either stuff.

Just to let people know that the first and second run of the Sasquatch were different, so if you base off the play of run 1 vs run 2, you may not be so accurate. I absolutely hated run 1 but run 2 was my favorite CLYW before the AC.

Also remember that CLYW throws tend to have a tighter gap between response and bearings so if you’re not precise with your throw, CLYW stuff may not feel “stable” for you.

Thanks for the Info.

I did order the “Nessies Cave” should have tomorrow.
I checked out all the color options ,yoyocomunity, ■■■■■■■■■■■, and gsquared.

I am surprised to see Run1 Albatross still sitting on YYE, that Blue/Teal is gorgeous.
I hope the Nessie picks up in popularity.

Your gonna love it… post your thoughts after You play with it…

How did you end up liking your purchase?

I absolutely love the NESSIE
It is a great throw.
Its very stable, smooth and has Great spinning inertia.
I couldn’t put it down for a week.

Its a little quicker then the albatross, with great play, and spin time.