Can I get everyone's opinion...


Yogi Edition Sasquatch or Dragon Slayer Albatross? Here’s the dilemma, I already have an Albatross but it’s pink and purple. I don’t have a Sasquatch. So which do I trade for?

Quick 13 String


Sasquatch. But we need some of your preferences.


I say Sasquatch. I would chose variety over design.


I also say Sasquatch on the “variety over design” reason. I feel like the Albatross is a little bit smoother, but the Sasquatch is a pro at crushing anything and everything you throw at it. It’s a powerful throw.


I agree. Variety is good!


I would say Sasquatch any day. But it is also one of my favorite yoyos of all time. It’s A dang good throw that I just keep going back to. The Albatross is good too, but the Sass is more suited to my preferences (bigger heavier throws). It just depends on whether you prefer heavier or lighter full sized throws. You won’t be disappointed with either choice!

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