G-Squared Albatross VS Nessie

I can’t decide! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Get a second job and buy both!

Both are amazing in different ways. I have both. If pressed, I lean a bit more towards the Albatross, but do NOT ignore the Nessie either.

Both… seriously, they are two different throws - both are amazing - so, you can’t go wrong with either… what style of play do you prefer?

The 'tross feels great, has that smooth float to it, feels bigger in hand compared to Ness. Itis probably the most comfortable throw i have ever handled! If I had to describe it in one word: FLOW

Ness has a more fine tuned feel, some would say it’s floaty, but I feel it has a more weighted, speedier (than the 'tross) and deliberate. One word: ACCURATE

The Ness is newer and only in it’s first run - chances are you’ll have a longer time to grab one, and if you miss this run there will undoubtedly be a second… the 'tross has seen two runs, supplies are dwindling… so, with that logic, grab a 'tross now, come back for a Ness tomorrow :wink:

Thanks for the help. I have decided on getting a Nessie. The specs sound so perfect for me. Slightly smaller, faster, a bit more precise… Perfect.

Now I need to pick a colorway…
Anyone who owns a Nessie have any input? Do any of the colorways have ano flaws or anything? My 3 favs are the Nessies Cave and Loch Ness Depths from YYE and the Loco Leprechaun from the
G-Squared webstore.

Thanks again!

Im in love witb my albatross. Top notch contender with the really expensive throws. Get it. Cant really compare the tross and nessie cuz theyre so different. Tross is big, nessie is undersized. Hope this helped.