Albatross vs Nessie vs Triton


What do each of these play like? How are they similar/different?


None of them play similar. Though the Albatross and Triton are very similar in shape, they play a lot differently. To be honest they all play rather boringly, as if they don’t really have any personality. I didn’t care the Triton and hated the Nessie, but I really like the Alba.

None feel particularly floaty or solid. I’d say the Nessie leans more towards solid and the Tross leans more toward floaty. The Triton, however, feels rather middle-of-the-road, being neither floaty nor solid.

But if you’re looking to get one, I’d say go for the Albatross.


I actually haven’t tried any, but want to. I hear everybody loves the triton. A lot of people like the nessie, and I haven’t heard to much hype about the abla. Trion is the heaviest, Bessie is in 2nd (tritin is .7g heavier, trition:66.7,nessie:66) and the alba is in last at 64.4.


Albatross - The tross is agile and has a solid feel without feeling heavy. It’s very comfortable in the hand and and I can get it moving the fastest of the 3 mentioned. Check out some of Jessie Christie’s videos. He uses the tross a lot and I think his style is a great match for the yo-yo’s characteristics.

Nessie - The Nessie is a powerhouse. It’s the yo-yo I’ve used most recently in competition because it has the most spin time out of the three. Stability is another area where the Nessie really shines.

Triton - The Triton has a very distinctive feel. It’s very stable as well but has a floaty-ness without being sluggish. The Triton is my favorite of the three because it plays in a way that’s hard to compare to any other yo-yo.

If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me, I’ve played all three of these yo-yos quite a bit  ;D


I wanted to quickly add that the Triton specs are a little deceptive. Though it’s the heaviest of the three it doesn’t feel like it while in the hand or on the string.


Thanks! Any more opinions?

Which is more stable, the Triton or Nessie?

(G2 Jake) #7

Nessie is one of the most stable yoyos on the market. Slightly more than the Triton.


Which of the three would you recommend the most?

(G2 Jake) #9

Depends on you, Triton is my favorite


Ok thanks

(G2 Jake) #11

Let us know which you decide on :slight_smile:


I think I’ll go with the triton. :slight_smile:

When will there be a restock in them?

(G2 Jake) #13

There isn’t one planned. Just a few special editions I’d get the color you want while you can.


Oh well looks like I won’t get one then. I don’t think they will last till my birthday which is in a month. :frowning:


Buy it directly from G2.


Ill talk to my parents to see whether i can get it early or not.


I highly recommend the triton. Its like an upgraded albatross