What are yalls thoughts on the Triton?


I just ordered an Arkham edition!

I would like to know what you guys think of it so far?

I know its pretty beast! I cant wait!


Very well designed yoyo. Plays quite stable and fun on the string. I thought it felt like a refined Albatross and preferred it to the 'Tross which was also an incredible yoyo.


Great yoyo, good organic shape. I like it more than the regular albatross, but not as much as the AL7 Tross. good heft, but can still move around when you need it to. I don’t regret the purchase one bit.


It was pretty good. I had high expectations for it. The shape is terrible for me though… I liked the nessie much more.


I love the Triton
I could snuggle with it all day


Didn’t like it. Got rid of mine almost immediately. The engravings are bangin’ though.


Love love love it. Wont sell mine ever. Its one of my top 3 throws.

Its just so fun to play with and has that organic shape i love. Its like throwing a stick of butter. Lets just say I prefer the triton to all clyw throws currently available…


I’m Psyched!! I think that I will have a good time with this one. gunna make a new video, gottaaaa.
thanks for everyones input!


Haven’t tried it but I am going to pick of one of those Nickle Triton once I get the cash…