Looking for your feedback on the Triton


So basically I’m just looking for your feedback on the Triton. I have only heard great things from those who have reached out to tell me about it. I for one love this yoyo and think the second run colors came out fantastic.

What do you like your Triton or one that you have tried?
What don’t you like about it?

Do you plan on picking one up?
Maybe let me know why you haven’t or aren’t picking one up right now?

I’m just looking for some feedback so that I can do a better job creating products that fit your wants.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. If it wasn’t for you all I wouldn’t be in this position where I get to design yoyos. Thank you for all of your support!



I really like the Triton. So far I’ve thought that every colorway looked great, Poison Arrow being my favorite.

I don’t own one, but I have played one. I think it’s the perfect modern organic throw. I love organic throws. The weight is perfect for me. It hits all the right notes with me in play as well. It is smooth, floaty, and stable. I like the hub and grooves. Overall a very visually and aesthetically pleasing throw.

There is nothing I don’t like about the Triton.

Yes, I plan on picking up multiples.
Why haven’t I yet? Just waiting for the right time to pounce, like a Space Panther.

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I wanted to pick one up it looks fantastic its the perfect size weight shape and color(space panther colorway is my favorite!!!) Unfortunately I can’t afford one :frowning:

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of GSquared Products.

Starting with the Albatross, I figured knowing who designed it, it should be an excellent yoyo. I took the chance and this gamble paid off. Actually, this is probably one of the safest bets you could make. A throw equally at home in competition or casual throw, comfortable, organic.

The second, being the Nessie, was a completely different playing experience. A pure engineered design intended for competition.

The along comes the AL7 series. Being pleased with both the Albatross and Nessie, what more could I want? Apparently more weight. Wow! Simply changing the metal took these from already amazing to “OMG…!”

The along comes the Triton. There’s no less enjoyment of this yoyo for me than with previous offerings. Smooth, solid, stable, a different approach to friction management(grind rings), and a mostly flat inner cup I think oriented around horizontal type play. It’s more center-weighted and a more “classic-type” shape. I’m right now trying to figure out if this is like the Albatross, and in those regards, I mean, is this designed with both casual and competition play in mind? It seems to excel at both. Being a bit more center-weighted, it’s not exactly my preferred weight distribution(I prefer more weight at the edges), but it’s still a great performer. I like this over my Cascade.

My only issue is the new 2nd runs with the engravings look AMAZING. Personally, I like it when the yoyos have identifying marks. This way, when I get older and start forgetting things, I have a reminder as to what it is. I am pleased with my Space Panther, but man, if I wasn’t waiting on a check from a late paying client(their lateness has cost me 20% of this check in late fees I gotta pay now), I’d snatch one up just to have a second with probably the Captain America colorway.

With essentially 3 different designs(not counting the AL7 versions as different), there are three distinct and different playing personalities.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. GSquared has shown they are up there with the likes of CLYW and One Drop. Each release just reinforces that. It’s clear to see why GSquared won the New Company of the Year for 2012. This is a company to keep an eye on. I sure do. I have so far been 100% satisfied with every yoyo I’ve gotten from them to date, so I look forward to the next release.

I got to throw the Triton Andrew reviewed for Yoyoskills. I really enjoyed it. Very smooth, with a slow comfortable pace. Nothing bad to say about it.

I will not be picking one up, however.

Thanks for the insight so far guys. I appreciate you taking the time to put the thought into this.

I would tell you if it wasn’t so pricey…

Triton’s on my radar, but I have some “analysis paralysis” right now, for two reasons:

  1. After acquiring a bunch of throws recently, I need to slow down for a bit; so I’m still keeping my eye on yoyos, but not with serious intent to buy.

  2. There are recent and upcoming yoyos that it competes with for my interests: Flow and Pride to name two. I can’t afford all of them, so I have to be choosy. I don’t spend $100+ on a yoyo very often, so I really bog myself down in research and getting opinions before I pull a trigger.

But it’s right up my alley for looks and specs.

I can understand that. Do you only use cheaper products? I would suggest trying to trade for one, but there doesn’t seem to be any at all on the BST

How about you trade me one Jake?
Ive been trying to get anythjng from G2. No luck.

Tritons one of those great all around throws! I’ve tried a lot of different throws from many companies. This is a definite favorite. It big and stable and smooth. Some Yoyos ill use a centertrac on, this one is happy with a 10ball. It feels good, the grinding surface is smooth including a nice IGR. Its not light but it plays light. The colorways are especially nice, always seems a lot of attention is given in the Ano. Ive got a couple already. The new ones with the engraving are awesome. Rather than a laser etching these are engraved like jewelry. Cut into the metal which gives a nice sparkle effect. Overall a yoyo that can fit any ‘mood’. All the G2s are well made, designed and play super!!! price wise it’s worth every penny, definitely not ‘pricey’! can’t wait to see an AL7 version.

Don’t have a job (13)…

If anyone gets rid of one :P.,

I’m a cheaper person yes…

Sorry don’t have any extra Tritons at the moment

I’m only allowed 1 yoyo a year, but it looks delicious. Nice organic shape, and pretty much perfect specs in my eyes. Can’t wait to put one to the test at BAC 2013!

I think it looks awesome, the only reason I’ve been holding out is to see if you’re releasing the AL7 version.

I tried someone’s a few days ago and thought it was great. I just wish it was a little more stable.

I really want to try one. The only reason I haven’t is because a BST exists and my brain has learned that you can get more yoyos for cheaper there.

Looks pretty great though. The Albatross was pretty good, and I hated the Nessie, so it really could go either way at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

The only colorway that strikes my fancy is he Freedom one, and even then I’m not super crazy about it. But knowing G, there’ll be more runs in amazing colors. Plus the silver engravings look spectacular.

Any news on the next run?

I’ll let you know my thoughts on the Triton once you release the AL7 version. :wink:

That’s pretty much 2 different yoyos. AL7 plays differently :slight_smile:

And no news on a third run yet. Undecided if it will happen or not.

Thanks for the feedback.
Anyone else feel it needs to be a little more stable? I’ve been told that’s one of its strong suits.