Who Wants A Trinity?

Well, you know the question, Who Wants A YoYoJam Trinity yoyo by Andre Boulay?

Wanting a Trinity and getting (or being able to get) one are definitely two different things.

I want one, but sadly i won’t be able to get one any time soon

It really does look like it has the potential to be an amazing throw. It just unfortunately came out right after I made my last yoyo purchase for the summer :’(

I might get one in a week or so.

I WANT ONE!!! just wondering, what does it matter if i want one? it doesnt mean that i can get one, but i do really want one.

i don’t want one

why not?

idk i just dont want one
it is an okay yoyo it is just not my prefrence

i would want one

I dont want one. Ever. Not Joking.

Not a fan of the DM’s profile

You don’t want to know how many times jetboy has screamed “I WANT A TRINITY SO BADLY” in the middle of class today >_<

I got to try one at NER and it was awsome. If I had any money it would be high on the list of throws that I want. I am a huge fan of the DM and I even love the starburst response :P. I don’t get why everyone seems to hate it .
I need to sell some stuff :-[.


o rly? and why is that?

Well my reason is that I hate the Dark Magic, why would I want a metal version of it?

I tried one at NER too. I didn’t really like it…

dude, its not even close to the DM :-, it has a flat profile (not rounded), and a mixture of the 888, eneme, and it has 2 grind rims. Plus, who wouldn’t want a metal yoyo that is similar to those yoyos? and do you have any clue who Andre Boulay is? :-\

yeah it’s nice but, not for me, too big and a bit on the heavy side.