Who Wants A Trinity?

I just thought that we should ask “who doesn’t want a Trinity?” instead. Heh.
I like my DM. So I think I should like the Trinity. But I cant afford to buy from YYE? So yeah. T_T

yeah, btw, nice siggie, but copyer with the DM logo >:(

do you want one?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME, look at my siggie and DM logo, YES by far.

oh ok

I DO!!! I DO I 8) DO WANT ONE !!!1 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :o

sarcasm the DM isn’t even close to the trinity!

Guys, this is about each person’s preferences. Apparently there are quite a few people who don’t prefer the DM’s specs. I myself have a DM and a Legacy, and after an entire year of throwing the same thing day and night, I think it’s time for something new. So, no, I would like to try a Trinity, but I don’t think I’d enjoy it because of its similarities to the DM.

lol i love born2yoyos post but i dont want a trinity simpily for the fact i have more yo-yo that top my buy list

Jetboy is right I have a DM and it is nothing like the trinty the trinty is 10x better than the DM.

Sarcasm wow! thats not even a tad bit simmalar to the DM . im stumped, i cant even find 1 similarity beetween the 2!

Yes I know who Andre Boulay is, I’ve been here alot longer than you have lol. I think hes one fine fellow. But I dont like the DM, its my preference, as was said earlier, so I wouldnt mind trying one, but I probably wouldnt want to spend $90 on something I wouldnt like.

I could put it by my door to hold car keys…


It all comes to preference. This is pretty much congruent to the dark magic, and I hate overly rounded shapes. I like em sharp and angular! I mean, I don’t want a Hatrick because of that, regaurdless of how good it is, I can’t really enjoy it as much if it doesn’t feel right. Not saying it’s bad, I bet it’s great. Bad for my preference though.

off-topic Oops sorry jetboy. Yes I have a DM too :stuck_out_tongue: So yeah. Lend it to me for a while XD

I just ordered one. Andre’s yo-yos always interest me. Also to those who say I don’t want one, why not try it out first? Not a DM or Legacy, but the Trinity. Give it a shot, you might be surprised. With every yo-yo playing differently I have never found something I can’t like in every yo. In fact I love FHz just for the fact that I can triad them or reverse burst them. I also love 888s for the fact that they play nice. I also love that the BvM plays angry, like a monster. And that the Peak is like a work of art in motion. Seriously, with every yo-yo being unique, don’t think one is the same as another just because the profile is the same. If that were true a FHz would play like a tactic!

I just got my trinity yesterday so i’m gonna play with it for about a week then i’ll post a review of it.

Even though they look alike doesn’t they are I mean if you don’t like the trinity big deal nobody is going to sue you. But the anno on the trinty is a lot diffrent the the DM and DM has plastic.


I was only talking about the shape. Sorry I didn’t clear that up.

I would actually like to try one, I probably wouldn’t buy it though. Who knows, it might play better than a DM!!! This thread is actually making me want to buy one…kinda scary really…