Mini Star and Trinity

(Chase Baxter) #1

Hey guys, I decided I cant afford much more yoyos and I wanted to get one last one, what do you think, Mini Star or Trinity??? Both are really cool though! Maybe I can get each parent to get me one :smiley: probaly wont happen, what do you think?


First of all, those are very different throws. Second of all, the Ministar might not even be a full release and thus hard to get. Third of all, neither has been released. If you really think you need another yoyo, then go for something that’s already out. If you mention anything that fits that category, I’ll help you out more.


YoYoExpert is getting quite a few Mini-Stars. And what’s the problem with waiting for something new?

Anyway cbaxt98, if the Trinity is anything like the Dark Magic, or Legacy, it will most likely be full-sized. So this can be your deciding point: Do you want a Full-Sized yoyo (The Trinity) or do you want an undersized yoyo? (Mini-Star)


Eh if I was going to get a new yoyo, I’d want to go for something that was out. I guess he could wait too. It’s up to him.

We are getting some? Sweet. Good to know. Thanks.

(Chase Baxter) #5

Andre said the trinity might be coming in this week, Im trying to get both though for my very last ones, except I dont know if it is going to turn responsive just like my Dark Magic?

(Johnny rocks!!!) #6

well, if you put two thick shims and a clean bearing in your DM it should play dead unresponsive, but metals tend to be more unresponsive than half and halfs like DM, hitman, vict, ect.


I’ve had 2 or 3 different Dark Magics. All of them were unresponsive with the gap opened up as far as they could go. No shims or anything needed.

Really, cbaxt? That’s pretty sweet.

(Chase Baxter) #8



why will they or 1 of them be ur last yoyo that u get

(Chase Baxter) #10

i have to many and i have to pay off more than $4,000

(M²) #11

how old are you? if your under 18, and are in $4000 dollars of debt, something wrong. But i guess thats not my buisness, but i think you need to wait before the two yoyos come out to decide, see how there reviewd and such. No one really knows how there going to play yet.

(Chase Baxter) #12

im 12 and i already have more than $4,000, i have a job, been working since i was 7


Well, many people already own Mini-Stars and therefore do know how they play.


im 12 and i already have more than $4,000, i have a job, been working since i was 7
what is ur job any why r u workin if i may ask


Sorry if I am jacking the thread, but how much will the mini-star and trinity cost? I;m saving for the Dv888 but these sound irresistable and I hope I can afford one of them :slight_smile:

(Chase Baxter) #16

what is ur job any why r u workin if i may ask
Family business, race track

(M²) #17

Family business, race track

(LookAYoYo) #18

i think the ministar is going for around $80, and the Trinaty is like, $95


The Mini-Star will most likely retail for around $90, however, the actual retail price is up to the stores themselves, not us. Also, YoYoExpert will get Mini-Stars in a few weeks. If I remember correctly, the production colors will be Half Black and Half Purplish/Dark Pink (I forget which.)