Mini Star (EDITED)

Hey, did you guys know tht General Yo is making a new yoyo called Mini Star, its a pocket sized yoyo
Look here,

Comment if you think you might get it

you should combine this with your other thread

which one?

The 44 post.

i think more people will look at it here

Old news is old.

I already got one. :wink:

“Look at me, I’m Samad, I’m sponsered, I already have that yoyo.” ><\

Aimed at you Samad, just in case you didn’t understand.

its a nice yoyo by the looks

MOD EDIT: Please don’t use bad language.

Do you know how much or when they come out? and idk if imma get this or a Saint Eel, except i cant find the Saint Eel but if its cheaper, im getting it

I heard Ernie is shooting for it to be out in about a month at a price around $89.99. You’d have to ask him for exact dates and prices though.

I think im just gonna get a Dingo instead :wink: