Yoyorecreation triad review

This year, yoyorecreation has come out with many new yoyos. The triad is one of them. The triad looks like yoyorecreation’s first plastic metal hybrid. With many new plastics dropping in the market, yoyorecreation came with the diffusion 2 and the triad. These new plastics represent a sort of budget option. With several of their yoyos cost over 200 dollars, people needed a new option. Something that the people can afford. Well this yoyo is the new option that the people can take.

Weight: 66.3g
Diameter: 55.1mm
Width: 43.2mm
Bearing Size: C

The yoyo came in a plain black box. The yoyo itself has a dramatic V shape. The blue color is really vibrant with this one as well. One thing that really caught my eye was the rim. The rim made me think of yoyojam. If this yoyo didn’t have the yoyorecreation logo on the side, I would’ve mistaken it for a yoyojam. The cup itself has a bump and the outer lip is sort of serrated. Comparing the triad to the horizon, this yoyo is much smaller. The yoyo came with a double straight bearing and standard yoyorecreation pads.

Performance and play:
One thing that is weird about this yoyo is that it is heavy yet it can go as fast. You don’t have to force the yoyo to go fast. This yoyo also outplays many metal yoyos I have thrown. It is smooth, silent and it is stable. This yoyo also handles horizontals well. The only downside is that fingerspins are barely possible. Other than that flaw the triad is a must have.

Final thoughts:
Even though this yoyo is $80.00, this yoyo plays like a metal. This is the budget yoyorecreation yoyo that everyone should and must have. It outplays even most metals I have ever had. I recommend this for anyone competing. The yoyo out of the box plays like a dream. Go out and buy one now!!!

Yeah I’m gonna spend $80 on a plastic yoyo! Actually I would if I had the money.

well it is a yoyorecreation. it’s well worth it. plus it’s a hybrid like the dark magic

Yoyorecreation does mean a lot to me I do have the Aeronaut.

If you have enough money get the triad and the diffusion

I’ll think about it.

i thought this plays lighter than the draupnir. theres a certain unknown factor that makes bimetal yoyos feel heavier in the beginning than they rly are.

I never played the draupnir so I am not really sure.

The Triad does not have the subtle float and speed that the Draupnir has. It is more straightforward. Great speed, ferocious spin, but it is not floaty and graceful like its big brother. Remember though; we are comparing the Triad to the best. On its own, the Triad is a great yo-yo with an amazing price/performance point that it hard to beat anywhere.

If you are even considering this yo-yo; do not hesitate. It will not disappoint you. Absolutely fantastic.

So I guess I have two questions:

  1. Does the play of this yoyo really warrant a price tag almost twice as much as a Rally or a Northstar? It is close to the Northstar in that it still retains the shiny plastic body that is lacking in grinds while a Rally is machined on the outer wall giving it a mor grind friendly finish.

  2. Can this yoyo even be sold in the US without violating the YYJ patents or did YYR license them for this yoyo?

Yes they do sell them in the U.S On yoyobestbuy.

Don’t link other stores please.

Ok sorry I didn’t know.

Nice review.
I can get pretty decent fingerspin though

When it comes to making value judgments, everything becomes relative. Is a Porsche really 4X better than a Toyota Camry? It all depends on criteria and the size of the wallet.

But your question does bring up an interesting point. Given the dearth of high-quality, low priced throws coming from China and Eugene; the question of value is more difficult.

I tend to hit the “Add to Cart” button sometimes without thinking about price too much. That is because I am not a 14 year old who’s buying decisions are much more driven by the value proposition and how much lawn-mowing money I have managed to save up.

So to me, your question is more of a high-quality plastic or plastic/metal; vs a low cost, high-quality metal. Examples might be:

  1. Rally vs. Shutter
  2. Triad vs. YYO Hatchet
  3. Triad vs. OD Benchmark.

If I could only afford one; the value question is much more important. If your budget only allows for one purchase; then I would strongly recommend finding a good, low-cost high-quality metal yo-yo. The performance is just better - if the metal is a great yo-yo like the Hatchet is. If it is not so good, then the Triad will outperform most metals that I have tried in the sub-$100 range. But a Triad will never perform like a Sleipnir; plastic has its limitations after all.

My previous post was really stressing that the Triad is the best plastic/metal hybrid available on the market today. Its performance is just stellar in all respects. Yoyorecreation has realized this and is charging customers accordingly. If you buy Yoyorecreation, you are buying pure performance at its design best. Value; is not a word that typically plays into this type of buying decision (I mean really; $650 for a Dazzler??).

After reading many of your reviews over the years, I would venture to guess that your play-style would like the Triad. It is in your comfort zone for size and weight. I would like to hear your comparison of the Triad and the Rally or the ProtoStar/NorthStar. Is it 2X better?

As for the patents; it seems someone is willing to test the waters… While my thoughts on the Patents in question are well known; I do not support flaunting US laws, on US soil. Only the lawyers will make money in that fight. I can only imagine the snickers that big yo-yo suit will get when it comes up on the docket.

Thanks for the insight. Answers quite a few of my questions on the Triad. My two main areas of concern on it are the grinds and the durability. I can only go off the screen shots at the moment but the finish does not look like it would be grind friendly. As for the durability, my main concern is that the plastic walls look thin from the pictures. Is that the case or are the pictures deceptive? If they are thin, how well is it going to hold up when it takes a against a wooden deck or concrete?

I would love to borrow a Triad from YYR sometime to test it out and do a write up.

It’s polycarb, it will grind terribly.

My clear Triad got a terrible impact on my wooden deck after the string snapped, it’s perfectly fine. It was on a throw, and my throw is really strong

I insta-sold my Triad. Severely over-hyped in my opinion. My main problem with it was the large amount of vibe, likely caused by the ridges along the rim. It still plays well but $80 plastic yo-yos should not vibe like that. I expected better from YYR given how good the Diffusion 2 is.

My 2 Triads have very little to no vibe.
My first Diffusion 2 was pretty smooth, but my blue one is pretty vibey

Just the luck I guess…