What’s a fun cheap plastic I should try?

Gotta make an order for some Xmas gifts. Thought I’d find a present for myself as well.

Suggestions for a fun $10-30 plastic I might not have tried?


Are you looking for responsive or unresponsive?

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Have you tried the typical stuff (Replay Pro, Wedge, Arrow, First Base) already?


The wedge is pretty chill.


I’d just go with the wedge


If its unresponsive you’re after, I’d give the YYR Diffusion a try at only $15. For something more high-performance, the YYR Triad is a steal right now at $35.


Trying to think of what I’ve tried already…

-replay pro
-various free hands
-speedmaker Speedaholic
-others I can’t remember

Haven’t tried:

-first base

Responsive or unresponsive doesn’t matter. I enjoy both.

I actually have this sitting in my cart because it looked like a pretty solid deal.

I find myself grabbing my Freehand Pro a lot. For both 1a and 5a. My Replay Pro lives in my desk at work and I don’t get to use it as often as I would like.

For whatever reason, I don’t love the replay pro or the FH pro. I have both but they just end up sitting in the drawer most of the time.

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I have the First Base and the Arrow, both in responsive mode. I prefer my YYT Sage over both of them.

I have the Wedge and Replay Pro as well, but I prefer either the YYF ProtoStar or hybrids, though hybrids can get quite expensive.

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The Duncan Big Fun and Freehand NextGen are releasing tonight, definitely worth looking at. I’d recommend the Big Fun if you want something different, really cool oversized but lighter weight yo-yo.


Sage over Replay Pro any day!

This is a really really nice playing plastic. It’ll handle anything you can throw at it.

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I admit, the big fun is tempting. I’ve just never really clicked with Duncan plastics for some reason. Don’t hate them or anything, I just never love them.

Just to clarify, I’m not against more expensive hybrids or metals. I have plenty. I just love the evolution on the inexpensive end of the market because it lowers the barrier for people to get into serious throwing.

So I like trying them out.


Im surprised nobody’s said Skyva yet. It’s a fun throw for pretty cheap.


I agree, this is an excellent plastic that you should consider getting. :wink:

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Agreed, cool throw. Already have one however. I’ll edit the list above.

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Big fun seems pretty fun

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