What’s a fun cheap plastic I should try?

I was wondering about the Surge; which is super cheap right now. I was thinking about getting some to give out at the GA yo-yo thing I’m trying to put together, but I have no idea about it.

This is pretty fun:

The undeservedly, IMO, maligned:


The surge is an amazing yoyo! If they had a responsive slim bearing, I would probably buy like 5 to give away and to use for myself.

I would highly recommend the yyf whip. It truly shows you how they can make a really cheap yet well playing yoyo.


Especially if you like responsive, this is great! I imagine you have one already…

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Question: For the Surge, can I use flowable silicone for the pads when the stock pads wear out?

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I strongly do not recommend the adjustable gap yoyos like Velocity. It’s just too much rope to hang yourself with, and more stuff to go wrong, particularly in the hands of a beginner… stick with dedicated responsives, or get a conversion kit capable one!


As far as pure plastics go, Big Ben is super fun, and then the Big Bang but it’s unfortunately difficult to get from a US supplier being a YoyoEmpire throw.

I also like the Diffusion a lot, and its very close cousin the Fay, but it’s a “premium” YYR plastic.

First Base, Diffusion and Wedge are must gets, all excellent and quite different shapes. Arrow did not do much for me personally.

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Photogeek is not a beginner! Besides, the Velocity is an absolutely AWESOME yo-yo for a beginner!

I super don’t agree. I had one as a beginner and it was really difficult to deal with. You never know what the “right” gap width is… and it’s just another thing to fidget with and mess around with rather than practicing the skills.

Also you can adjust both sides independently which is the worst!


OK, but again photogeek is not a beginner.

My 7yo didn’t have any problems, but he does have me in the house. Maybe that’s the difference, if you have someone handy to help…

To me the Velocity is an example of how you can break a product by designing it to be both a car and a truck at the same time, with all the serious compromises that entails. If you need a car, choose a solidly built car. If you need a truck, choose a solidly designed truck.

Otherwise you end up with this…



You know what is so funny about this back and forth? That was my first CAR!!!


LOL seriously? That’s great! :wink:

I usually give away yo-yos I don’t like, but I was so bummed out by the velocity I actually threw it away :wastebasket: because I felt it would be a negative to any beginner I gave it to.


Wow, I play with mine a lot, or with one of the ones my boys have. I don’t play with them unresponsive so much, though I still find that fun.

As a responsive, I love it. You can dial it right into the perfect response without using lube. I’m able to get it to do STM, and stalls; while still being able to handle enough layers to do tricks like Mach 5.


I admit that I haven’t tried a Velocity. But I was kinda “meh” on the older version, the Speed Dial. That said, I’ve taught a few people to throw a basic sleeper using it. Still, I’m not sure it’s what I’m looking for on this particular “photogeek buys himself a gift” mission.


I would have used the El Camino here instead of the Brat. While both could be argued as useless mashups of two things that were fine on their own, I think the Brat had a oddball style to it that makes it a much more fun story. T-tops, rear seats welded into the bed, available turbo, 4x4 (which was unusual for a “truck” at the time), and even a spring loaded “step” to help getting into the bed. Something that would be copied decades later by domestic trucks (though at the rear).

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Well I love the SpeedDial for responsive as well, so my tastes may not be in line with yours. I did modify mine: Speed Dial Response Mod

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I have a Velocity but I don’t use it and unless a new thrower begged me for it I wouldn’t give it to them because I have cheaper ones that are much better to give them that pack a lot punch. I recently pulled it out and dialed it to pro but I just don’t get out of it what I want. That small bearing just doesn’t do it for me at my skill level. I totally believe some people can rock that thing and that’s great.

Maybe that “Big Fun” then. Then you can tell us all about it!


I can’t for the life of me see what is wrong with that vehicle…


So, to wrap this up, I went with the Diffusion. I figured for $15, couldn’t go wrong.

Was tempted by the Big Fun, but my lack of connection with Duncan plastics in the past made me hesitate. Looking forward to hearing other opinions on it when people start getting them into their hands. Because it LOOKS like it could be neat.