What’s a fun cheap plastic I should try?

no one has mentioned c3yoyodesign speedholic yet. But always go for latest and best like sage,wedge,replay pro. Try researching speedholic.


Speedaholic is an excellent yoyo. Honestly, it was the first inexpensive yoyo that I remember thinking “Holy heck, how did this just cost $17?” (or whatever the price was on the first one). I was just staggered at how smooth a plastic yoyo could spin after throwing one. I thought about picking up the 2.0 version, but went in a different direction since I’ve still got the original around here somewhere.

Great yoyo though.


wow, Speeholic has two versions. i did not know that. I also did not buy that because I like gentry stein reply pro. and gentry stein was performing well at worlds and nationals. and I like the plastic material on replay pro. from c3 I guess only one yoyo is good i.e krown but that is a metal yo-yo.

i think for money satisfaction buy replay pro. but always research and i have not tried wedge.Evan Nagao is also a good player. so i guess tie in replay pro and wedge.

Already got

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I may be able to help with your question about the surge being able to take flowable. I haven’t tried it myself, but I believe the answer is yes. It uses the same silicone response rings as other late release YYJs.

I love the Surge. It’s a yoyo they designed with the idea of making a plastic with metal performance. You may remember that they had a video contest for people to send in freestyles to showcase what it could do. Like any plastic, the mass is a little more evenly distributed than in a metal, but it has enough heft to get through most combos without losing momentum. It’s organic, so it’s comfortable, but the step down from the response system makes it feel almost like an H shape and gives the impression of a massive gap (at least to me). Plus it comes stock with a speed bearing (which are normally $6 anyway). As such, I’m not sure that it would be as good to give to beginners unless you have a supply of slim bearings to go with it. I don’t remember if it came with one.

You also can’t go wrong with the Big Ben. It has a great distribution of weight and performs as well as most hybrids. It’s about the size of the Yeti 2, but a little narrower in profile and to me it’s a little more comfortable to throw than the Daydream. Plus the gap is adjustable and it uses o rings that can be changed to flowable silicone if desired, but I never felt the need. There was always enough room to make it unresponsive and the o rings last forever and can be replaced at your local hardware store for less than a dollar. Plus with the neon yellow polycarb one available at YYE, it probably would look sick under a blacklight.

Hope this helps!


You mean like the DV888? I hear it’s an awesome beginner yoyo at an unbeatable price point! :joy::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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As an American, I can confidently say that America has awful taste in vehicles. Wagons, utes or anything else that could be considered both fun and practical (M5 Touring, etc) are shunned, but crossovers are worshipped. I don’t get it.

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Thank you.

We Americans are largely divided into two vehicular camps today: either the camp of massive trucks/SUVs that take up one and a half parking spaces, or the camp of the cockroach of the road the Prius. We’ve utterly traded away style and performance for space or economy. Even here in Los Angeles where you’d think everyone would be more concerned with looking good and driving fast than taking up gobs of space or saving money at the pump. Go figure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is this still the trend in Cali? Over here on the east coast it seems like SUVs are almost entirely out of favor and the crossovers now reign supreme. And quite honestly I think it is for the best. They get better gas mileage than the SUVs and handle better. Most of them are also really good in snowy conditions and handle damaged roads with more ease. And most people I know that own big trucks actually use the bed or towing capabilities, so they are still a necessary staple. Otherwise I agree, The average car driver has something boring like a Civic or a Camry if they arent driving the god-awful Prius.

The lack of the body-on-frame does make them lighter and thus more fuel efficient, and they usually have a softer ride (this is done intentionally because they are grocery getters for moms who don’t want mini vans) but they aren’t going do handle rough roads better (unless you mean more softly). Everything handles better now but that’s purely because cars come with so many electronic aids now. But there’s still no way I’m ever driving a crossover.

Flying squirrel? Rally, Bolt, etc.

Oh yeah Bolt2, but that’s not really “plastic” IMO.

I didn’t say bolt2.

For this particular exercise, I was looking at current stuff that I could order from YYE. All three of these are discontinued at this point.

That said, I might go dig out a flying squirrel from the closet. Haven’t thrown that one in a while.

For the purposes of this discussion, I guess I’d count the design as “plastic” enough if someone wanted to include it. But at $75, it’s well out of the “inexpensive” range. Most of the other stuff here is under $20-$25.

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Ive driven the Nissan Murano and it seemed quite capable tbh. My mom just bought a Subaru Outback (idk if they consider this a crossover, but it’s damn close if not), and im almost considering getting one of my own. My sights are set on a WRX though.

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Oooh GA yoyo thing please tell more?

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