Pulse vs. new Freehand vs. [insert similar option here]

Hey there, I’ve been out of the “convertible beginner plastics” game for a while, and was wondering what the community’s thoughts on these newer models are.

What I need

  • tug responsive with
  • option to convert to unresponsive (bearing and/or axel included)
  • good size/ shape for little hands
  • preferably ballpark of $20 or less, but more is fine too
  • in stock [lol]

I’ve heard nothing but greatness about the Recess First Base, but I cannot find them in stock anywhere :cry:

I’ve also considered the Replay/ Replay pro, but I just don’t like the way those come directly from the factory. (pads that sit proud of the response walls, and kind of loud…).

I like the Sage pro pack (YYF Onestar iirc), that was my first “nice” beginner yoyo back in the day. But YYE doesn’t stock them and I’d like to support you guys if at all possible. :heart:

These will be for some of my acquaintance’s kiddos who have already gotten up to speed with the “basics” (sleeper, gravity pull) on Butterfly XTs. They’re just ready for an upgrade to something a little more powerful and capable. I’d really like to hear @YoYoExpertGarrett’s input on this, as well as anyone else who would like to chime in.

I wish the YYF Protostars were able to be set up with slim bearings… :thinking:

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Id say plstc


i was gonna say the Sage is good and can be unresponsive or responsive but then i saw you edit as i was reading

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  1. It isn’t available.
  2. Are those convertible?

Oh, I wasnt sure if they were available or not. And im pretty sure they come with a halfspec bearing.

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I guess recess said a restock of the first base was coming soon


Oh, nice!

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Gotta go with the YYF Arrow.

It’s everything you need. Tug-responsive, full size c bearing compatible (included), flush response, and most importantly (even more important than how well it plays, what brand makes and and how it looks) it is cheap and readily available.


Have you actually played one of these?

:frowning: Really wish the Duncan Pro Z was in stock. Dang I think it’s an incredible value for what it is.
Walmarts use to sell them not long ago, but I’m not sure if they still do.
But for $10 you got a tug responsive with a small sized (a sized) bearing to learn the basics on, or to even learn looping with (by double/triple wrapping the string)…but then came with some cool spacers and a concave bearing to turn it into a more butterfly shaped unresponsive yo to learn more advance stuff with.

For $10 I think it’s super hard to beat and is really under rated.


Nah. Never.

I’d have to agree with @EOS44 on the YYF Arrow choice. Really good yo-yo for the price. Beginner friendly and can be setup unresponsive if they progress. I actually have one setup unresponsive at my desk that I throw pretty often.

The ThrowRevolution NEO is another great option too. Little heavier with a more organic shape. Also works well responsive/unresponsive, but it is a few dollars more expensive.


Oh yeah, that Neo looks sweeeet. Does it come with a standard size C too?

According to this review…it doesn’t come with an unresponsive bearing.

“One thing to note; you will not get an unresponsive bearing with it. You have to buy an extra one on your own.”

It doesn’t come with an extra C bearing, but it works with one if you have extras.


And the axel provided will work fine with a wide C too?

I have one. And I can confirm the axle works with a standard C. It just doesn’t come with one.
And I really like is so far and everyone who tried it at the UK yoyo contest this weekend loved it.
But I have no Arrow for comparisons

Also YYE has some sick colour ways in stock on this site I believe :slight_smile: