First yoyo recommendations

Hey there, I’m looking at getting into yoyoing and I have a good number of options for my first yoyo.
I live in the UK so I’m looking at yoyovillage for stuff.

I’m looking at something that’s easy to change between responsive and unresponsive play. The store has yoyofactory and centre trac full spec bearings are available for 6 or 8 pounds, but only yoyojam half spec bearings at 5. So if an alternate bearing isn’t included, one of those get added to the price.

So for the ones that do have alternate bearings I can get the following at these prices:
Arrow elite - 17
AoE - 17
Magic yoyo V3 - 17
Magic yoyo V6 - 15
Magic yoyo V8 - 15
First base - 19

The following require an extra bearing. A YYF bearing is included in the cost numbers, a yoyojam bearing would be 5 so one pound less in the final price:
Responsive to unresponsive:
Replay - 15+6 = 21
New Sage - 16+6 = 22
DV888 = 18+6=24 (on sale the usual price would be 23+9=29)

Unresponsive to responsive:
Replay pro - 15+5 = 20
Node Y01 - 15+5 = 20
Y03 Hertz - 15+5 = 20
Atom Smasher - 13+5 = 18 (on sale, usual price is 17+5=22)
Magic yoyo V10 - 18+5 = 23
1Up - 18+5 = 23
K8 Leopard 18+5 = 23
Cloud H01 - 20+5 = 25

I would like something decent at responsive play but do plan to move on eventually to unresponsive as well. I would consider this a list of all major starter yoyos which have good value for money due to being able to be used well as unresponsive as well later on.

Could I please get some opinions about these from people that’ve thrown them? With some indication as to what’d be my best choice here?

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I’d go for the aoe or shooting star. Shooting star is slightly higher quality bc it’s machined instead of injection molded


The first base and AoE are both great from the first set, and I think they both are better than Replay/Sage/DV888. I think the first base plays better as a responsive yoyo than the AoE, so it’s slightly easier to ease into as a beginner. However, the AoE is definitely the best unresponsive yoyo among them, and even outclasses a few of your unresponsive options (I would take the AoE over the replay pro or atom smasher, for example).

I think if you can get a first base, it’s a great option, very few people regret them, and they keep selling out for a reason.


Just to let you know, you will need a different axle for the yoyos you want to change bearings. The yoyos that come with extra bearings will have that axle, but the others won’t.


Out of your list;

Replay - Responsive
Replay Pro - Unresponsive
Extra String
Thin and thick lube.

I wouldnt recommend changing bearings for Responsive/Unresponsive. Just have a dedicated yoyo for each. Makes it easier to change your yoyo for how you want to play.

After these two, you will start to have a idea of how you want to play and adjust accordingly.

At this point, you just need to get started. Having the same yoyo in the different configurations should aid in repetition and developing the muscle memory.

Also “Best” is a subjective term. All the yoyos listed are “Good”. Opinions given will be based on what that individual prefers.

Have fun.


Any thoughts about the shooting star? It’s probably the one closest to the AoE and often considered an upgrade due to the material. Also, is there ant particular reason the V3/V6/V8 aren’t really being recommended despite being metal which is usually considered better?

I haven’t personally thrown a shooting star, but iYoYo is a very reputable company based in Germany. I would be shocked if it was bad.

For most people it’s a bit easier to have plastics as their first yoyo, easier on the hands and other assorted objects when you inevitably smack them with your yoyo.

Would recommend avoiding the V3, it’s a bit dated now in design. The V9 would be my pick of the three if you wanted a metal yoyo, but I think the Y03 Hertz is better when it comes to unresponsive performance.


Have you tried a K2 yet perhaps? The other yoyos may be better but as a beginner yoyo, it’s hard to beat the value for money of magic yoyos with their amazon bundles being far cheaper than anything else on here for what they include - shipping plus strings comes out to be an extra 10 or so pounds with any of the others, whereas a K2 and V9 with 12 strings are for 14 and 25 respectively. Anyway, would you consider the V9 worth the extra money compared to a K2?

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The k2 is definitely serviceable, I give them out to people regularly lol. If you don’t want to invest that much into a responsive yoyo that will definitely get you through the basics.


+1 for the K2. I haven’t thrown mine in a while, but it’s what I used when I was first getting more into throwing and my transition yoyo from beginner to not-a-beginner


Thanks for the info, you would consider the V9 as a better responsive than the K2 though right? I’d like to have a good responsive, which is subjective but I mean I’d not mind paying a little more to get something I can use longer. So, V9 it is?

I haven’t tried the v9 as a responsive sadly, doesn’t seem like a bad option though

alright then, I really like the design on it as well, so I’ll get this one to start with and then maybe later if I ever get into it more I’ll try out the others. Again, thanks for your help, wouldn’t have found the V9 without you :slight_smile:


I like machined plastic and enjoy the Shooting Star and Speedaholic XX. They have a nice matte, high quality feel.

I’m less into injection molded, but I wouldn’t say no to the First Base with its organic shape.

The Arrow Elite is pretty poor in quality and durability. It may be one of the cheapest, but please don’t waste your money since you’ll also end up replacing it very soon. The Magicyoyo K2, which is also frequently recommended, also feels pretty cheap, though slightly better durability.

You spend a few more dollars, the value and durability of yoyos can jump through the roof.

Shooting star. I’m pretty deep in the hobby and a pretty good thrower and it’s still in my rotation