Plastic 3A Yoyo Recs

Yo I’m looking to get a pair of plastic yo-yos to play 3a with. My main concern is durability. They need to withstand getting swung into each other as hard as I can swing them a million times and not become totally useless. I would prefer them to be heavy and under 46mm wide but I’m open to all suggestions.

I should note I was right about to pull the trigger on a pair of northstars, until I saw a horrifying picture of the axle sticking through the middle of the cap area and now I have cold feet about that Yoyo.

Thanks y’all!


Replay pros work well enough, I can send you a pair if you want.


Bro ngl I seen your videos in 3a you doing it so well, keep pushing it! :heart:

About the yoyos in plastic you do not risk is too light for 3a and also not too balanced?
I tought about the Wedge but is maybe too wide, the speedaholic xx or the area of effect??
I play with them in 1a and are such good yoyos heavy enough probably to be pushed in 3a heard super good as well about the topyo Mojo.

For sure someone else can help you better, I just answered mostly to congrats on your progress on 3a!

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Thank you so much! The more I practice the style, the more I like it!

I really just want a pair of plastics to play with when my wife is home so I can still hang out by her and not scare her when they crash into each other.

Thanks for the recs and thank you @yoyoxcellence for the recs also! I have replay pro on my short list!

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I can second the replay pro. They are a good choice and super durable. My replays hit tile floor so many times but they took the hit and have recovered better than any other yoyo.

I don’t think wedge would work for 3a it doesn’t seem to be stable enough at least for my preference.

Another good option the area of effect they are similar to performance as replay pro but they feel wider and seem to be lighter while feeling stable enough for 3a


I don’t play 3A but Replay Pro was the first to pop into my head. SOLID CHOICE. Agreed.