New 3a throw

Hey everyone, I just decided to try 3a and am looking for a yoyo for it. I am willing to spend about forty bucks on my pair TOTAL so here are a few things I am looking at:

One protostar (I already have one)
Speedaholic, I have heard that it is unstable for 3a, is this true?
Alpha Crashes?
I know there is the surge but I don’t like it’s shape
Any other pair of plastics that work

Anything helpful is great! Hope you guys can give me some possibilities! And another note, I ONLY want plastics as this being my first time doing 3a.


Speedaholics are not good for 3a. They don’t have enough rim weight so spin times aren’t that long, and stability isn’t too great either.

I’m not a fan of the Alpha Crash,I dont think it’s that great, but a lot of people like them.

I’d get another protostar. That’s my setup for 3a and it works fine. And it was made with 3a partially in mind.

Magic yoyo n5 metal but only 15 dollars.

Pair of magicyoyos would definitely be the way to go. I’m more of a slimline person with the T8 but go with whatever looks best to you

Thanks guys, but as I said before, I only want PLASTICS for my first pair. But would Strixes work if I decided to continue 3a?

The strix is good for 1a, bad for 3a.

If you want a metal for3a at that price range get the shutter

Well, I asked about Strix is because I already have one in my collection but I don’t have a shutter.

You’d be better off with 2 protostars then 2 strixes honestly, the strix sucks for 3a

Ok thanks!