Good 3a yoyos at 100 dollars for both

What would you recommend

2 protostars + accesories

agreed. i use starlites for 3a.

any 2 1a yoyos that are 50 each.
The only yoyo I know of that was specifically made for 3a was the sigma blade zwei.
And I’m not sure but I think the crucial might have made some for 3a?

I love that yoyo. Something about it makes me play it way more than Protostar and Northstar. It’s great. I agree with you!

what about the destiny?

Destiny is made for 5A not 3A.


Takeshi does 3A as well, I’m sure he thought about that when designing it.

To the OP, ProtoStars are great starter yoyos for 3A. Cheap too.

ya but im not just starting… i just need ones that are the same, and i would like the destiney’s anyway haha so im goin to stick with that ;D