Protostars for 3a?


I already use a yyf protostar for 1a,would another one be good for 3a?Any other suggestions?


ProtoStars are fine for 3A


Center Trac or KonKave?


Stock bearing are fine.
i use my protostar on one hand and my friends northstar on the other, and they are good for my super crappy 3a.

(Brandon1) #5

I’d say Protostars are great for any style except 2A and 4A.


protostar and northstar is a great yoyo for any style of play except for 2a and 4a. its just a super working plastic but is so so so good!




nice tricks.


lol why did he put somewhat dubstep in that vid lol

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great video man, love your 3A as well as 1A

#11 i said 8)

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you already stated that 3 comments ago, trollin much?


nah, just sayin cause its good. no trollin.


I find larger size yoyos work better for … I’m not a good 3a-er but I use grind machines, the yyj sigma blade zwei was designed for 3a

If you find you need more response but don’t have an adjustable yoyo, you can put a tangle like a granny knot around your bearing and the bottom of your string will take up more space in the gap


ooohhh a sigma blade zwei…long time noone have that yoyo


co za asy…