How are Protostars for 3A?

Hey, I really want to start 3A but im trying to decide between two protostars or 2 legacys? what do you think?

Any Yo-Yo you like for 1A will work for 3A. So it’s a preference. If you prefer the Protostar or Legacy for 1A then that’s what you’d want for 3A. I personally would probably prefer 2 Protostars, I’ve never been the biggest YYJ fan.

I would prefer the 2 protostars like how the use in yoyo

Hmm, I like the Legacy II and the Protostar…

I think the lower walls in the Protostar, combined with the shape of the outer portion of the rims and the big weight rings, coupled with the CenterTrac bearing, all combined, might make this the better choice for 3A.

Normally I recommend YYJ whenever possible when it comes to a shootout between YYJ and YYF, mostly since my preferences lean to YYJ. In this case, you’ve chose two excellent plastics. Another option might be the Chaser rather than the Legacy II. It’s heavier than the Legacy II, shaped more like the Protostar, full sized, and very heavy(over 73 grams) and super stable. Of course, the Protostar and Legacy II are also super stable. You might experiment with bearings in the Chaser. I have tried many bearings in it and I end up going with the flat YYJ Speed bearing it came with. Your experience may vary. Another choice to consider, since we’re talking the same dollars, would be the Northstar. Same a Protostar but heavier, and hence plays slower.

Plus, going plastic over metal for your choices, no dings and probably minimal nicks and scratches.

I have a pair of Shinwoo Techno 2’s that I intend to use for 3A when I get around to it, unless I’ve doubled up on something else by then. I have doubles on Code 2’s, DM2’s, Sharp, Agape and even a pair of Peaks. But, I don’t think I’m going 3A on any of those.

if it was me, I’d say Chaser, Protostar or Northstar would be ideal choices. With the Chaser, experiment with bearings to find your best combination.

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Thanks for the help guys, but hate to break it to you, but this thread is over two years old now :wink: . If any of you were wondering, I’ve been messing around with 3A on and off for the last year, right now I use Werrd Hours and YoYoFactory MVPs (The older version) but I don’t take it very serious, just my secondary style, 5A my first!

-Chase Baxter

We really need some sort of auto-lock going on. This ain’t the record. I saw someone necro’d something from 2008 sometime in August.

I’d say anything inactive for 60 days, lock and drop.

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