Yoyofactory One For 3A?


Hey guys just wondering if the Yoyofactory ONE was good for 3a? I just want a cheap pair of throws. If not, what is good but also cheap?


I’m not super into 3a, but I would say a whip is a thousand times more of an advanced yoyo than the one.


Easier to learn 3A on too probly.


I think you’d want more weight and longer, more stable spin for 3A, and perhaps a bit larger.

Let’s put it this way, you CAN with the ONE or WHIP, but I don’t think it’s a great idea. A couple of protostars would be better.


Yeah I thought about that since i already have one. How about neon starbrites?


Oh nevermind their not even heavier then the ONE or Whip. I think I might just get another Protostar :stuck_out_tongue:


Starlite if you could get there would be a good place to start


That sounds like a bad idea. Buy some protostars they rock.


The one is not great you would probably want a loop 720 but there a bit more money


I have a pair but their for 2a :stuck_out_tongue: 2a is looping, 3a is string tricks with 2 regular throws.


Thanks Ben! I think I might just get another Protostar, I’ve seen a lot of them used in 3a vids. And keep up the good work!


Ya protostars are good for 3a because they are amazing at 1a


They are! Heavier, stable, good spin time and hard plastic so i dont have to worry about dings and what not.


I have used them for 3a before they aren’t the best but i would go with a pair of yyj chasers or legacy 2’s


Ya I love both my protostars to death. Also just so you know if you do put a deep scratch in it that hurts your hand because it is sharp just file it down a little right there. That will make it smoother than the rest of the yoyo.