Best yoyo's for 3a ???

I was recommended the YYF velocity, but I’d like another opinion… any suggestions?

Its really up to your preference. I enjoy ProtoStars for 3A, some may not.

Your main throws. :smiley:

Dreadnoughts :stuck_out_tongue:

I 3A with a Legacy and a Dark Magic right now.

But Velocities are great options… Cheap, and adjustable reponse so you can tweek it if you need your left hand to be just a tad more responsive if you so choose…

Really any 1A yoyo will work perfectly fine. I don’t really play 3A, so.

Yup. I use Spinfaktor HG’s or K-Os Extremes. The main thing is that it helps to have the same model of yoyo and slightly shorter strings.

Like everybody is saying, any yoyo will be good. But a few characteristics in a yoyo that will make it easier are: number one for me is that they are stable, because it can be hard to keep the one on your non dominant hand from tilting. And they should probably the same yoyo, this isn’t actually a necessary thing but it helps. And finally anyone that have good spin times. This is not needed if you have a good throw with both of your hands, but I say this because it can be hard yo throw with your non dominant hand at first. I hope this helps.

Another starters tip, use strings that are different colors if you can… For one thing it looks cool, and two it helps tell the strings and yoyos apart

if you’re looking to just learn 3A use a pair of protostars…otherwise i suggest the genesis

Yeah, the same yoyo will work the best. :wink:

stardusts ;D

I wish i had stardusts:P, i use RecRev SCLB+'s they are awsome, but they are going to be hard to find there are only 2 or 3 in exsistance, i used protostars before ehh they are are really cumbersome to do complicated 3a side style combos but handle frontstly like a pro. or go ahead and try new breeds i hear they are really good for 3a

In your preferences. :wink:

dude those things are so beast for 3a