3A yoyos?

So I decided that I want to learn 3A and I don’t want to spend alot of money on some yoyo’s right away because I don’t if i’m gonna stick with it. I’m thinking about getting some Legacy’s or something around that price. What do you guys recommend?

i’ve got a legacy but it’s a tad heavier but there is a whole forum on protostars for 3a. i have a northstar which is almost same as protostar and it’s almost prefect for 3a. and they are also extremely long spinning for 1a!!

As an alternative, you could pick up 2 YYF Velocities. You can adjust them so you could have your dominant hand be unresponsive and your non dominant responsive, or whatever set up you prefer. Also, you could go with some YYJ plastics or even Shinwoo Technos, which I got for me to start 3A. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks guys.

I have a pair of glow die-nastys!!! They were ment for 3A CT bearing and all

I use a pair of recrev No. 9s

So jealous!

Get something that doesn’t tilt easy.

You can avoid tilt by using a konkave or centertrack bearing. Even the groove bearing works. This is of course aside from improving ones throw. (Lord do I hate that answer)

They’re both red, I love them. I cannibalized the bearings for other throws though. I’ve got one of the konkaves in my popstar for 5a now. It is sooooo much fun. :slight_smile:

No dude I mean by design, it doesn’t react to off plain strings tilting the yoyo.