Favorite 3A throws

I just wanted to see what people use for their 3a sets. My current setup is two Magnolia’s but I recently had some entangles and barracudas.

Other 3a sets:
Started with yyj projams

Maybe I’ll post more updated pictures to show how beat these have gotten.


I only have doubles of a single yoyo. Can I do 3a on DaCapos?

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You can do 3a on anything but I usually like thinner, larger diameter, and a bit heavier. At least with de capos you won’t have to worry about loud noise when they hit each other. @adamantiumpops


Since I am very inexperienced and trying to get used to it still, I am using plastics. Specifically, I am using the iYoyo Shooting Star or the CLYW Yeti 2. I don’t want to spend money on multiple metals until I’m a little bit more experienced.


The Core Co Tako makes a really nice 3A set, I’d imagine they’re pretty similar to using Barracudas. I’d love to get a pair of Entangles but that’s just a bit more than I’d like to spend on a 3A set when I don’t really play the style that much. Maybe if I take a month or so to really focus on 3A I’d make the investment.

I also really like Protostars, they’re a great super budget option.


I’ve been thinking about picking up some cyber crashes and throwing in some rubber weight rings. @mable might be worth looking into. Also Entangles are some of the best 3a yoyos you can get though.

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Before I picked up a second tako to 3A with I was really close to picking up a pair of cyber crashes. I was just going to get the 3D printed weight rings for them that Candy Dice makes though.

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That actually sound alike a fantastic setup. @mable

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I’ve really been enjoying learning 3A on my Magicyoyo M-001 Silencers.

They’re inexpensive but play well above their cost.

I was learning on Shooting Stars but moved to these because I wanted that metal feel. Mine both needed a bearing clean and lube out of the box but neither have any noticable vibe, play light but stable, and hold their spin.

I don’t dedicate a ton of time to 3A right now, but even if I did I know it would be a long time until I felt the need to progress to higher end throws.


I’m sure that 3A is the least played style in the community. Very cool to see you guys still practicing it


I am currently using two different yo-yos 1 b-grade canon and 1 canon. Is there a disadvantage to using different throws as a pair?

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Glad you started this topic! I’ve been thinking about trying 3A after seeing the new Hank Freeman Mowl video and listening to Aliyah Tan’s interview on the Kill Your Yoyo podcast . Aliyah recommended short string and bi-metal because you apparently lose a lot of spin time with 3A when the yo-yo tilts, but I was trying to think of the heaviest plastic I had that to just try the first trick or two. I guess learning to plastic whip lefty would be the first step now that I think about it.

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Learning to throw two sleepers at the same time is the first trick. @Lido


When doing tricks like koro koro or other tricks that rely on the momentum of each yoyo being matched, it’s significantly easier when you’re using yoyos that are the same weight and move at the same speeds (ie using a pair of the same yoyos). That’s the same reason why people use two of the same yoyo for soloham. In your instance just a B grade of the same yoyo is a negligible difference, your pairs will have yoyos that inevitably start to feel slightly different through damage and vibe. The other thing for 3A is that it keeps the feeling the same, since you know both yoyos are taking up the same amount of physical space and they require the same amount of force to get to move. So you don’t have to adjust differently for each yoyo.

Learning with two different yoyos is fine though in my opinion. If it gets you interested in the style and just learning more tricks then it’s worth doing, and I don’t think it matters nearly as much early on.

@Lido It’s still a work in progress, but if you feel like doing some machine translation (or you can just DM me for help) the 3A section on Rewind’s new trick database is looking nice. There’s a lot more simple 3A tricks here than what other tutorials cover. Things like just doing a picture trick involving both yoyo strings. Imo it’s a lot more approachable than just learning a 1.5 kink mount and going from there which is what I did lol. REWIND 3Aトリックリスト | Yo-Yo Trick Database ver0.7


Thanks for the advice! The b-grade canon has more of an organic shape. It is quite a bit different than the regular canon.

I think you might have gotten a b-grade of the older canon and the a grade is the updated one.

Also, I think replay pros are pretty great yoyos to do 3A with. They’re heavy, play very solid and are pretty stable which are all the qualities you want in a 3A yoyo.


Autoscopy is pretty dang amazing for both 3a and 1a! If you want the top of the line for 3a this is where it’s at.


They’re way too expensive for me😭


I have a pair of Sages ready to get banged up when/if I decide to try 3A. They aren’t ideal for doing anything resembling intermediate or advanced 3A tricks, but they should be fine for just getting the very basics down. If I ever get to the point where they aren’t colliding on nearly every throw, I have a pair of Sure Shots ready to go next.


They’re better than you’d expect! Honestly it’s one of my most played pairs, and definitely my favorite yoyofactory model. I recommended protostars, but I actually use onestars! They’re obviously worse than playing with metals, but it’s just like other yoyo styles where the player matters far more than the tools. They’re super capable, although the stock pads are kinda iffy and I’ve replaced mine with some extra grippy pads. I’ve really been liking the Atmos x RSO saturn response pads