UPDATE: Moar FREE 3a pairs

If there’s any forum regulars that are seriously interested in trying 3a but don’t have a matching pair comment below and I’ll send a pair to you for free.

All I ask is you actually give it a solid shot and maybe tell me how it goes.


It’d be cool if they keep getting passed on. And eventually see where and how they end up. Maybe include a pocket notebook to keep notes on them and pass that along with the yoyos.


I was actually thinking about asking the next owner to pass them on too!

The notebook seems like a cool idea


I love stories behind items. I bought a little leather journal for my high end acoustic guitar. All notes about mods, repairs, stories, etc go in it and someday when it’s passed on someone can add their story to it as well.


I’ve been trying 3a with some Yeti 2s I have from your inspo :+1:

I have yet to land a 3a trapeze


I’m tellin ya, 3a trapeze is not as easy as it seems :joy: as weird as it sounds, 3a trapeze is not the equivalent of 1a trapeze in terms of trick progression or difficulty.

I still really have to concentrate to land them more than half the time, and I still wouldn’t call it consistent

At first I thought it was one of those tricks that just have to click, like once you get it then you got it but nah, I’m still struggling with it, definitely not an autopilot trick


What’s the first 3a thing you started on? I can do all of the basics with my left hand, but both at the same time is mind blowing for me right now.


It sucks that there’s not much talk on the other styles and not many people doing the other styles. I wish I had the slightest interest in 3a but I just don’t :persevere:. I finally feel like I getting somewhere with 5a and 4a is just too fun. I’ve been doing a little 1a just because it’s so hot out and I don’t have room inside for 4or5a. Really hope someone takes the offer and posts learning updates


Kink mount and blueline mount are the easiest to start with imo.

Then velvet and assisted brain twister(the brain twister mount seems kind of useless and not that important tho imo so you could honestly skip that for now).

Then corocoro

Then 3a trapeze

Those are your basic mounts. Kind of the equivalents of split bottom, 1.5, and double or nothing mounts.

This isn’t the exact order I attempted them in but I think that’s whats easiest to hardest. I tried to follow the order from that other site but I felt like the order wasn’t quite right in terms of difficulty progression


Yeah I don’t like 4a :joy: I want to get better at 2a eventually tho. I want to learn some more 5a at some point but at the high level 5a just seems very complex to me, similar to 1a, and that doesn’t interest me too much even though it looks really cool.

I was initially interested in 3a because I thought it’d be cool to do one of the least popular and arguably most difficult style. Also the tricks and concepts, even at a high level, seem much more straightforward and easy to understand and grasp than 1a and 5a.


Then we are just about opposites lol. Don’t like 2a no interest in 3a. I only do the same like 6 things in 1a and I like 4 and 5a


I have tried 3a but do not have a pair to use

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Not interested…
But wanted to say that you freaking rock for doing this man! Seriously…how kind of you!

omg…LOVE this idea!!!


Also, what throws are those out of curiosity?

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Zeekio Lunar Wind

Someone I talked to semi regularly on these forums years back designed it and the prototype was the first $100 yoyo I bought(this was before Chinese manufacturing was prevalent). They have some sentimental value but I’ll still have the proto


I can’t say I’d be a great fit for these yo-yos (i’m not the best at 1A let alone 3A) but I love that you’d just pass them along! I hope to one day be good enough but till then, I hope you find the perfect person for it. Who knows, you might accidentally breed the next word champ.


Nah Andy will be too busy placing himself. He’ll definitely be top 5 by nationals next year.


This sounds awesome, if there isn’t someone who needs them more than sign me up! I would be fine with passing them along after learning the basics. 3A looks cool to me because I’ve seen Thawhir and Hajime’s 1A and I want to be that kind of player.



I’d love to try these puppies out! 3a has always eluded me as a style to try (unless you count throwing two different throws randomly for fun). And I’d love to pass them along when I’m done. Or if they’re already claimed, I don’t mind waiting my turn


I’ll give it til the end of today then pick someone randomly