Want to get started in 3A, would like some advice.

Calling all adults. Under 18 need not give advice unless you’ve won 3A competitions.

I’m looking to get into 3A yoyoing and I need some advice on what to look for in a good 3A yoyo.

I know many people say, just pick your favorite 1A and get another. Some say just use any 2 unresponsive yoyos you have. I can’t accept that advice because I’m serious about learning 3A. I want to do it right if I’m going to do it at all.

I’ve looked at the Duncan Echo, which looks good. I’ve looked at Crucial Confection and Delicious. What other good 3A yoyos are out there? Do you know of any specifically designed for 3A?

Thank you for your input.


I’ve heard the Crucial Tres Leches was designed with 3A in mind. But it’s a discontinued model and I’m having a hard time with people willing to let them go. My last experience was the seller wanted to use it as a “deal sweetener” on BST.

You want good rim weight for sure with super long spin. People debate over size of the catch zone and shape and dimensions. But in general, it’s true that you can use your favorite 1A and choose another. You may want to choose different colors and different colored string so you can keep track of stuff.

I was recommended to get a pair of Shinwoo Techno 2’s for 3A. However, I’m not ready to learn 3A yet, so they’ll sit and wait for me to get ready. They seem to play fine, and for the money, it’s not bad. But I’ve seen people use Code 1’s, 54’s, CLYW’s and more for their 3A play. It really does seem to have personal preference as a major factor.

Everything studio just said and have you considered getting delrin/polycarbonate yo-yos? Generally cheaper and won’t make you cringe when you smack the two yoyos together.

Regarding delrin:

I have a Crucial Half & Half. It’s delrin. It’s strange, but not in a bad way. It feels like plastic, because it is, but even with the undersized design, it’s got good weight and plays like a metal.

The Tres Leches are also delrin.

Regarding polycarbonate: Cheaper, works great too.

All I will also offer is I see most players using metals. Kinda seems a bit much to me, but hey, if I was that good, I suppose I would too.

I would definitely try out a delrin for 3a if it performs well. My only current option for delrin right now is the C3 Halo, unless anyone knows of a different delrin available for purchase. The Halo doesn’t seem like it would be well suited for 3A though.

C3 yoyos, Duncan freebird if you don’t mind a sized bearings.

I’d say pick your most stable and long spinning yoyo and get another. Also i wouldn’t limit the advice givers to adults, there are kids out there who would absolutely make fools out of anyone on this site with their skills :slight_smile:

because if you’re under 18, you MUST not know what you’re talking about. -_-

For 3a, you want long spinning and stable. And considering Crucial was started and is run by a 3a player, most of their yoyos are geared toward that. I can honestly say that the delicious and the jirorian are some of the most stable yoyos I’ve ever thrown.

I know the sigma blade zwei was made for 3a, but I think most crucial would be a better choice.
Alex uses two phenoms/phenomizms (at worlds he used phenoms). Yoshi used two speeders I wanna say. Hank used two freebirds.

That said:

(Note: I didn’t write this. all credit goes to drewtetz)

Delicious’ are great for 3a. So are echo’s. Hanks used them. Confections aren’t that good for 3a

Thanks for the advice guys! I really appreciate it. I just wanted a more mature viewpoint. I’m an adult at yoyo club and much better than half the teenagers their. I’m sick of having discussions with the kids who think they know it all although they know almost nothing. They just parrot what other people say. If you are more mature, then your advice is welcome.

So right now on my list for 3a:


Echo- Hank Freeman used these this year with great results. Easy on the pockets. Silicone. C-Sized bearings.

C3 Trident

Leviathan II.

If you are looking for delrin, check out Landon’s website. He makes a ton of them.

of those you mentioned, I probably wouldn’t go with 2 jirorians. I haven’t used the last 3, but a jirorian isn’t for everyone. I personally love mine, but a lot of people who have thrown it weren’t big fans.

I wouldn’t dismiss a kid’s opinion. A lot of them are quite skilled and knowledgeable.

I have no issue taking valid input from someone not an adult. In fact, I’ve gotten some of my best advice from kids in regards to this subject. And here am almost 40 and have kids. But I’m new to yoyo.

I am a kid, but I’d just like to say that the Code 1s have a lot of rim weight and are also very easy to land on the string. The 3yo3’s are also a great choice. I would go for the Accents, Volumes or Hammerheads. They are stable, wide, and rim weighted. If price is a problem the Northstars/ Protostars/ Starlites are Great options as well.

What do you guys think about the HALO for 3a? I took another look at it and it seems like it wouldn’t be bad!

Does the superstar make a good 3a player? How about the SPYY solaris?

PSG’s, Asteroids, Genesis, C-Force, missing any?

I think any good plastic with good stability would be an ideal starter for 3A. Legacy II, Protostar, Northstar, PSG, Asteroid, Shinwoo Techno 2. Just get 2 of them, matching colors highly optional. I think the best bet is different colors for the yoyos and strings so you can always tell everything apart.

Granted, the YYJ C-Force is designed specifically with 3A in mind, I wouldn’t start with something taht expensive.