Looking for a 3A set

OK, I’m new. Not going to hide it. I’m thinking down the line though. I intend to be able to do a little bit of everything, but focus more on 1A and 5A. This also ties into a program for schools to expose kids to stuff other than video games and try to get kids off the couch. So, hence, I am building a collection of a wide variety of yoyos to show diversity in hopes to help spark interests.

I’m also looking to finish the main collection task by the end of the year. Loopers for 2A are soon to be on order, as well as some off-string models. Some stuff I intend to use for 5A is coming soon too. I’m covered as far as 1A is concerned as well. Stuff is being bought specifically due to features or shapes as well. Again, the variety angle.

So, I’m looking at 3A at the moment. Yeah, get a matching set. Got it. That makes sense. But, ideally, what do people typically look for when getting their yoyos for 3A? Also, I don’t wan to go nuts on this but I’m not going to be cheap either. But, to help keep track of things, I want to make sure whatever I choose, it will be identical models, just in different colors so I can keep track of things.

I’m open to suggestions. No brand loyalties, I’ll listen to any ideas. The main thing is to try to keep the price reasonable. We’ll define reasonable later.

Thanks a lot. You’ve all been a big help in the past, I know you will in the future. My next task after this is for a high-end metal, which I will start doing serious investigation for in a couple of weeks.

I’m no pro on 3a, far from it. But I know sigma blade zweis were made for 3a. If you’re lucky, sometimes people put them up on the b/s/t. got a pair a couple weeks ago for 40 bucks shipped.

But I did hear (or read) in one of brett’s reviews that a heavy, really stable yoyo is good for 3a.
not sure how true that is, but I pretty much take whatever brett says as fact. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or a semi-cheap option would be 2 cerberus…es? whatever the plural of cerberus would be. Yoshi used them for his 3a finals freestyle. I think they’re around 40-50 each.

really though, I’d just get a second yoyo of some of the 1a stuff I have and like if I were you.

I’d say 2 northstars is a good place to start.

… Or Protostars.

The crucial tres leche is a yoyo that’s made for 3a. I look for a full sized diameter that’s not real wide. So like 56 x 40. You know what yoyos I would love for 3a? The shinwoo techno 2 perfect size and price and dont let the cheapness fool you…it’s a beast. Also a trick for learning 3a is using two different color strings makes it easier in the beginning.

I’m gonna one-up you on that suggestion, Crosswhite:

I can get confused easily when it comes to something fast like yoyo. Put me in the world of audio, that’s where I’m a beast, but this isn’t audio.

I’m not only going to use two different colored yoyos(well, if I can), I’m going to also use different colored strings. I figure if I can’t keep things straight between those two issues, well, then I don’t know what will help.

As far as the suggestion for getting a second of what I already like:
Well, think about the exposure aspects. The more yoyos kids see, the better, so it’s best to change out. Yes, I know, I’m technically spending more than I need to. However, if you’re doing time constrained presentations, it’s best to move onto a stuff set up for what you intend to use it for. So, there will be throws set up for each style so I can move from style to style with minimal change time.

Lastly, I like how some of you are paying no attention to budget concerns. Thank you. That’s my problem. I have a number in mind, but it’s a “moving target”. That number is only for me to know. I’d rather get the suggestions and then make budget decisions later. I’m not getting funding for this project outside what I’m willing to spend on it.

Northstars are bigger and heavier thus making them better for 3a.

bigger, no. heavier, yes.

But yeah, I was going to mention the tres leche also. they’re supposed to be great for 3a.
You’d have to go through the b/s/t or another site for those though.

Yeh Northstars or protostars are good. I own both.

I use northstars for 3A. Orange and Yellow. with matching string colour.

I chose northstars over protostars because they feel a little bit heavier to me.
But they are very close.
I plan to later get a second protostar so i have a spare pair.


For the price it’s a wash, Northstar vs. Protostar, which makes this an attractive starting point from a price perspective. It must be the plastic used or the amount of plastic used to get that extra weight. The Proto star looks like it has a little dome in the middle, while the Northstar has a flatter side, so that must be where the extra weight is.

Again, I’m not leaning towards any particular brand. Got no issue with going with a YYF product. The other attractive thing is when parents ask about “well, what does does that there yoyo cost”, I can push them towards more inexpensive models rather than high end stuff. Makes it easier when the kids start pushing the parents for a throw.

Who knows, maybe I become a reseller/agent for a store or something. Tell them “Hey, go to YoYoExpert, they can hook you up!”

Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t have a few high-dollar throws in my collection either.

I’m gonna give the Northstars a serious thinking over. Might pop for a single Protostar since a lot of people seem to like those as well. More variety is a good thing for what I’m doing!

Blue and white Northstars. String… Might be the way to go.

Someone mentioned heavier. Why would heavier be better? I’m just curious. I’m looking at a metal yoyo and it comes in two weights, so I’m sure this answer would tie to why that model comes in two weights as well.

protostars and northstars have metal rings attached under the rim for the weight… this works really well in my opinion…

Starting to zero in. Talking with Crosswhite on the IRC, he was again talking the Shinwoo Techno 2’s. That got me to thinking a bit.

While my out of pocket costs are irrelevant to the overall discussion here, a couple of thoughts popped into my mind:

Seeing used tres leches are hard to come by, the price for a pair seems acceptable. A bit higher than I was planning to spend, but you learn, you adjust. Also, I like how they look. Finding a pair on the used market will take some effort. Might be worth it. They are designed for 3A.

Sleipners? I don’t think so! At least not for 3A right away. It is on my list of yoyos that have caught my eye in general though. Maybe I find something good on the used market.

The Protostar/Northstar idea hasn’t been ruled out. The price though makes it a reasonable cost.

But, considering I’m going to be dealing with a lot of kids, who are gonna say “I want what he has” because they saw me use it, it seems the Shinwoo Techno 2 might be a good choice. I don’t want to give parents sticker shock over prices. If I say that the pair cost me $20, a parent is going to say “Really? $20?” and then when they question that, I can give the prices of other yoyos that I only have one of. I think when they hear about how yoyos are made and what goes into them, they’ll understand better.

Right now, I’m almost 40 and getting into this. A lot of parents in this school are around my age, many younger, some older. Most probably have little to no yoyo experience or knowledge other than what they see on TV. They, like I was, are going to be a bit surprised at the prices of some of this stuff. But, $20 for a pair, I think they can say “yes”. However, this isn’t about making sales. Since I won’t see any commissions, I don’t have to worry about people thinking I have some sort of ulterior motives.

Plus, even for my kids, I’m not willing to spend much on yoyos for them. My concern is they’ll get bored and move onto the next thing. If I’m trying to minimize my losses, why wouldn’t other parents? But, with my increasing collection, any yoyos my kids abandon will just end up in my cases. But, if they are really into it, they’ll have plenty to try before I buy.

There are $10 ball bearing loopers. There’s the $10 ONE and WHIP models. Heck, all that’s really needed is a $10 off-string and this stuff gets affordable fast. But, 4A is rather specialized, and even the Shinwoo model at $15 makes that affordable. I don’t mind using and showing expensive stuff when I have it available to use, but I like being able to show that “you don’t have to spend a lot to get started and have a good time”.

I’m ordering a pair of the Shinwoo Techno 2’s. It makes the most economic sense, as I only intend to really be able to learn a few tricks just for demonstration purposes. But, even so, nothing is being ruled out. There’s always purchases down the road. This discussion isn’t over. A decision has been made though, and you’ve all been very helpful. I’m still reading and listening and absorbing information. I am definitely not done learning on this subject.

Yoshi used Speeder 2s i saw him in person. I would reccomend a pair of protostars or JK’s i you want metals. I think the best option to get for you would be Destinys. They are just like Ai’s witch is what takeshi Matsuura uses now but they are in plastic form. Also Takeshi Matsuura used the destiny for 5a to win worlds.Which should solve your 5a collection as well. I play 3a and this is my main style. This is just from my personal preferance for 3a. I know you have decided what you have gotten now but this is for the future if you decide to get into 3a.

I don’t intend to get very serious about 3A. Again, it’s mainly for demonstration purposes. But I never know where things will take me. Starting off at such a low cost for entry, I can always upgrade later on.

I like to keep my options open. Ideally, what I am “into” is 1A, 4A and 5A. But, I want to do a little of it all.

How about the freebird. Its delrin, and designed for 3a,and it’s he world champs signature yoyo(if that counts for anything).

For 3A, you will want something very stable. 3A is the ONLY style in which konkave/grooved bearings seem to provide a noticable difference.

A narrower profile also helps a lot with 3A as it makes it less likely for the yoyos to “clank” into each other during tricks.

Find a yoyo you really like and buy two of them.

quoting steven kinder here, “narrow profiles are bad for 3a, they just dont work” i didnt pursue the question farther, but thats what 2nd place pnrw 3a says.