Starting 3a pair

So, I’m looking to get into 3a. I have a pair of magicyoyo n5’s, but would like to get something specifically for learning 3a. What do you guys think about a pair of triggers?

I’m open to any an all suggestions, but would like to keep the combined price below $70.

I’d advise against triggers
due to ring falling our/cracking
issues. Since they will hit one another a lot.
For dirt cheap, Upgraded classics.
For strong strong play, Chasers

I would go with 2 magic yos (either T5’s, N11’s. or N12’s)

They are cheap and play amazing

Upgraded classics are the best for beginning, but you should also look into hybrid material yoyojams.

I like the Trigger a lot and I do have two, and I want two more(colors), but no, this is not a good 3A yoyo. It’s designed for 1A, and 5A is a secondary style it is intended for. However, the rims are thin and if they take a bad hit from the edge, they can crack, break and that’s it for the Trigger.

I got a pair of Shinwoo Techno2’s, but no matter what I’ve done(siliconed, cleaned bearings, changed bearings), these are a bit too responsive still. I think I need to shim them.

Protostar meets your budget needs, or Northstar. Maxes out your budget.

A pair of Classics with your choice of upgraded bearings and upgraded response would be good. Talk about being able to take a beating! I think bearing up a pair of rugged and durable plastics would be a much wiser path than starting with a pair of metals. Depending on how you go, you can be $30 under budget before shipping.

I really don’t care how much I beat up metals, so it’s really a non-issue for me.

So far, I’m looking at:

Chaser (Somewhat)

Don’t really want to Proto/Northstars as I find them not that stable.

Honestly, Chasers are the most stable and hard spinning
the N12, is Stable, and All metal and Cheap!
and Classics are most durable,

I’m gonna agree with all of that. The Chaser is also rather heavy, which helps with the spin and stability. It doesn’t play heavy though.

Personally, I work hard for what I’ve got and I like to keep it nice. 3A is a style that invites damage due to the nature of it(so does 4A and 5A). I figure beat the crap out of a durable plastic, get some “mad skillz” and then feel free to proceed to beat the crap out of the metals of your choice. I always feel better learning on plastics. That’s just how I am. But hey, it’s not my money, beat up what you want.

When I go after 3A, I’m using Classics. Heck, I’m using Classics for darn near everything but 4A and 2A these days. Unleashed for 2A, and Jet Set for 4A. But I digress, as I often do! Unless YYJ has some other low-cost plastic I should consider…

As far as Protostars and Northstars not being stable… I gotta disagree with that statement 100%

I’m going to have to agree that Chasers are probably the most stable thing you are going to get for the price. They play AMAZINGLY!!!

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I wouldnt get triggers… Lots of people have problems with the rings falling out… If I were you Id go with a pair of protostars, long sleep time and its durable. Not to mention it’s great at 1a too :smiley:

you can beats a psg or asteroid
cheep and awesome for 3a

or get 2 bapezillas they work great

I agree that the PSG can make a great 3A yoyo. Josh Yee used them for his 3A stuff before getting sponsored by Mad House. I just have found in my limited experience, that the Classics play smoother(once upgraded). The shape for the PSG seems a little bit more 3A friendly. I would recommend the GEM PSG’s, with the extra weight, they are even better than the original in my opinion.

I feel the Asteroid is more 1A/5A with an emphasis on 1A.

I won’t say anything about Anti-Yo. I’m just not a fan of their products.

Looks like its the PSG vs the Classic.

you can get a pair of both and still hit your budget!
(make sure to get pads and bearings for them, the stock psg pads and bearing suck, and classic needs em regardless)

True, but I’ve also decided to get a pair of loop 360’s.