Good 3 a pair?

I have been thinking I might when I get string get a 3a pair but I was thinking cheap like 15$ a yoyo top. I was thinking of the adegle psg but I was wondering if anyone had better ideas?

Get two classics, two nice bearing, and I siliconed mine and it’s sick but u can do whatever you want for response, their sick!

You should consider investing. MVPs will lat you your entire 3A career.

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PSGs are good for 3a.

thats a good cheap option

Well what happens if he turns out not to like three a, I wouldn’t want to drop two hundred dollars, then end up with two beat up MVPs

that is a good point but maybe in the future! Plus what are the main things you look for in a 3a pair

I think ProtoStars would make great 3A pairs, without investing too much and you also won’t have to worry about scratching or dinging them as much.

Two YoYoJam Classics would make a fantastic 3A pair if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re willing to drop more than $30 or $40, I’d recommend getting a pair of YoYoJam Triggers.

I’ve never been a fan of plastic yoyos, but YoYoJam’s less expensive models are wonderful. I’ve been using a Legacy II as my “demo” yoyo for about a year now and I’m still very happy with it’s performance. I can still do any of my most challenging combos with it, but I feel completely comfortable handing it over to anyone interested in trying a modern yoyo. Two Legacy IIs wouldn’t make a good 3A pair because of their minor lack of stability, but the Trigger falls within the same price point while providing more than enough stability for a beginner to the world of 3A.

The chasers by yoyo jam are a great pair. If you want to go up in price for a full metal raptors seem nice and echos are great. That’s why they were used to win worlds

They are too unstable for 3a.

PSGs are plenty stable.

foolish my friend. Foolish. I have PSGs for 3A. Get em.

Triggers crack very easily during 3a or 5a. Go for classics.

Classics, Starbrite, Volecity. Trigger.

never mind about the Trigger :p.

my votes for psgs

triggers are awful. get protostars.