Good 3A pair?

Hey guys i want to start doing 3A again but I don’t have a matching pair of yoyos, so I want to ask you what is a good pair for 60-80 dollars.(Keep in mind i already know most of the basic tricks.)

I’m assuming from your post you meant 60-80 total, so 30-40 per yoyo.

The plastic YYF “star” series (Protostar, Northstar, Starlite) are great for 3a, just use the one that has your preferred weight.

Also, the duncan metals would fit in that price range (Raptor, Echo, Metropolis)

Personally, I’d do the starlite’s of the mentioned above that is my favorite. Others would prefer the protostar, but that thing is far too loud for my tastes even with a 10-ball.

I would get a pair of light up freehand 0’s because of the sticker recess, i also would pick up silicone stickers and 2 kk or center tracks. If you can find some metal zeros use those. I am recommending these yoyos because i love the shape of the freehand zero so much! However if you have a phenomizm you should pick up another one of those because those are great at 3a or for that matter any of you other 1a throws would be good.

Yeah I’d definitely recommend on of the yyf stars. My favorite is the NorthStar, but their all good.

see those yoyos in your case, pick one of them and buy another :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that I might go with a pair of speed dials and if anyone has tried them in 1A or 3A could you tell me what you think.

If I were you I wouldn’t get a pair if speed dials. IMO they are very cheap and don’t play too well. I think northstars would suit best for 3a in your price range. Or for the price try and find a 3a pair on the BST. With $80 you can find a ton of nice 3a pairs used (which is cheaper and yields better options).

This, or PSGs/Asteroids.

Any plastic with low walls and lots of rim weight.

A psg from adegle yo would only cost $30 if you bought two. By the way, it plays great.