Starter 3A Pair?

I have decided to start 3A, but have absolutely no yoyos similar to each other. What are some good, cheap yoyos to start with? Like less than $30 or something I wouldn’t have to trade too much for. And would anyone trade me a pair? Thanks for your time!

protostar or northstar/shaqlerstar. chose whatever looks coolest

Pm’ed :wink:

I suggest you go for a pair of yoyojam chasers they are great throws and have a good weight for a plastic. They are cheaper than the protostar and IMO will get you further. After that i suggest the c3yoyodesign di base they are a great yoyo at a great price. If you can spend more get phenomizms

2 YYJ C-Forces. (BTW what’s ur price range?) If your looking for something cheaper, protostar and psg are pretty good. Good luck! :slight_smile: