Which 3A yoyo


My budget is 50$ What should i get?


I heard that people like the Protostar for 3a especially because when you bang them together they won’t go clank like metals do, and there only $35.

Edit: If you meant $50 for then starlights are great.




He said 3a, not 1a and 5a


Oh, double whoops, hehe, I’m to obsessed with 3A.


for 50 bucks 2 starlites fit the budget and u can have a 3a glow show


stars are like the only good 3a pair under 50 bucks…


For 3A, I would wish to recommend the Protostar or maybe the Northstar. But under 50$, Starlites are the best deal for 3A under $50. ^^