Hey, sorry but I have a question. I know any yoyo can be used for 3a. But what yoyo (metal or bi-metal) would you recommend the most for me to get? Pls let me know. Thanks.



What’s your budget?

The cheapest yoyo that I would recommend for it is the YYO Kilter 2.

There’s cheaper options like the Replay Pro and Skyva but they’re a little lacking in spin time and stability for 3a in my opinion.


If your budget is small I’d also recommend the protostar but all yoyos like the skyva and replay pro and the protostar can’t spin long enough to learn the tricks


Well, any price would do. My budget would probably be 100 and under, but as long as it works great for 3a, any yoyo in recommendation would be taken in.


If your budget is $100 for a pair, Kilter 2’s are probably your best bet. The YYF Dogma is just slightly over it but it’s an excellent choice as well.

If your budget is $100 for each I’d go for Recess Diplomats hands down. It’s such a great yoyo overall.