Looking for a new 3a pair.

I am looking for a new 3a pair. Hoping to spend maximum 135 for the pair and I would like them to be metel also any brand. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Do you think cyhers wowould be good for 3a?

If ur really sure, then YYF Shu-Tas , shutters, horizons all look pretty good along with YoYofficer Orbis, and C3 Accelerators…
The cypher doesn’t really look like it can handle 3A that well but I can’t really judge if I haven’t tried the yoyo
Yoyofficer has plenty that could work, but those are just a few… There are TONS of yoyos u could get for 3A in that price range. Heck if u go on the BST u could probably get sub $80-110 yoyos for way cheaper
Here’s a YoYofficer (YYO) Orbis vid with 3A:

Hello there. I’m not the best 3a player, but what I like in a 3a yoyo is rim weight for spin times and stability, along with low walls, <44mm width (3a can get pretty technical so most 3a players prefer thin yoyos so landing on the wrong strings is not a problem), 54>mm diameter and durability. Especially durability. Your first few weeks of 3a will be filled with knots and scuffs. If anything, get a cheap pair of metals to start off.

Pairs under 135 that I’d recommend would be:
C3 level 6
Duncan torque
Werrd 86400
Werrd Hour
A pair off the BST

I don’t usually do this, but I’ll play devil’s advocate here and offer you my old 3a pair, YYJoker xross roads. I used these for awhile and these are really good. The D-Sized konkave bearing makes it bind easily, which for 3a beginners is very helpful.

If you’re wondering why I don’t use them anymore, it’s because I got bored of them.

I’ll go out on a limp and assume that you are a beginner to 3a. To start, you want your strings tobe short, very short. If you have thicker strings, use them for 3a since they aid binds when you have short strings. A good 3a pair should have more than enough spin time even with short strings.

If you need any 3a assistance, just PM me :slight_smile:

Also, cyphers are good, but I just don’t think they are as stable as I’d like.