Best 3a yoyos?

Everybody has been saying I need new ones, I have protostars, yyf recommended a pair of czm8 or shutters. But what is the best I can get for 30-50 dollar 3a yoyos?

Pick up a used 3A pair from pertyo. He has good deals and you won’t have to worry about dinging them up.

Anything with a good weight to it that is a v or h shape and has a lot of rim weight for stability.

You can get pair of Yoyofficer Kilter for 60$.

I don’t think you need a new pair. Protostars are great. You can get a new pair if you want to, but you don’t need to. If you decide to get a new pair, I would recommend against the czm8 because it isn’t very long spinning. Donald Hodgekinson uses Werrd Hours for 3a, and I love them for 1a.

Barracudas, Torques, Hours, Tres, 86400 are all good

I feel that you really need metal yoyos to progress in 3a. They take hits much better, tend to spin longer and overall have more stability (meaning they stay on the same plane).

I did see that Pertyo had a pair of Flowers for sale and those are really good.

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I heard from a lot of other 3a players that Flowers aren’t that good at all

Considering it’s national champion alex hattori I’m pretty sure he has a pretty good opinion of 3a yoyos

Wait for Hank Freeman’s Triumph. He is a 3 times WYYC Champion. :smiley:

Ok? I could say considering I’m a regional champion for 3a could mean I can too. A lot of people don’t like them, including national and world champions, so just because a national champion likes it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for a beginner or for other 3a players

What does the Flower look like? I cant find any picture of this ever exotic and elusive piece.