Good 3a yoyo?

okay my buddy eth told me that the new breeds are a good pair for 3a (starting and progressing as well)
so i was wondering does anyone know a good yoyo for around 40 bucks that is good for 3a or if you like the new breed than could you tell me about it like how long spins and stats and stuff

Sorry but wrong section. But anyways, Protostars might be good and Sigma Blade Zwei’s were made for 3a.

Any yoyo you like for 1A or 5A will work fine for 3A.

New Breeds seem a bit too wide for 3A. I would recomend SSs if you can afford it. A cheaper option would be legacies or Protostars.

Have you heard of the “Any” yo-yo?

Yeah, they’re really good. :smiley:

For me, maybe a pair of modded Lyn Furies.

kay guys please dont tell me again ik that you can use any yoyo thats a 1a r 5a yoyo for 3a i understand but i was wondering if you knew a yoyo that stuck out from the others and what are ss

super star. and if you can make the money go with the 888.


Great yoyo in general… With the adjustable response you can find one that works great for you… Uber customizable and cheap…

If i had a dollar for every time i heard this question i would be the richest man on the face of the planet. get some that arnt to wide but not to skinny(dont get sigma blades) hybrid hitmans would be idel for 3a on of them double star burst on of them double oring clean the bearings buy some silicone for when u get more advanced, buying yoyos to wide when starting out will make rolls very akward buying yoyos to skinny when starting out will make corocoro combos and side style combos too defcult. my two cents (yes i know this thread is a bit old, no need to tell me)

i heard protostars r good and legacys are good to i hear

protostars are too bulky and wide IMO i had a set, legacys would be good though .

Just because their wide doesn’t mean their not playable at all. I really like wide yoyos, and you shouldn’t have trouble with them. If your just starting 3A , you might hit them together because you would be inexperienced at it. ProtoStars are perfectly fine. Also I really like the Genesis and Superstar for 3A. :wink:

protostras are just too hard for me to meneuvere throungh complicated tricks, try doing taiichiro
higashis atomic sign with protostars and then with yoyos such as superstars or sclbs its much easier.
nd superstars are much thinner than protostars to me, but id odnt want to get into some weird argument so yah. And to anyone thowing 3a for thrier first time stick with its fun! :slight_smile:

I use a pair FHZs, so does Takeshi Kamisato and Hank Freeman. They are the best IMOfor a beginner or Advaced player.

i heard that genesis are good for 3a

Since Paul Yath plays 3A, he made the new Crucial yoyo, the Tres Leches for 3A. I think he used it at the 2009 Worlds. Since of the rims on it and such. I hope it releases soon.

Hes most likely releasing metal ones i talked to him at blc his next release is the half and half, there not that hard to find(check out the BST) he also sells delrin and metal ones at contests, as well as b grade tre leches and heavy creams

Dont know much about 3a, but I would recommend that you try a responsive yoyo to begin with on 3a, just my opinion. The New Breed is unresponsive so try Dark Magic if you’re gonna follow my advice.

dark magics are pretty wide for 3a, for myself im getting 2 revolutions

Please do a review when you get them i wanna know how they are.