Beginner 3A yoyos?

I’m looking to get a pair of 3a yoyos to start off but I don’t know what to get. I’ve looked at the Velocity, One, Whip and prelude. ???



Or, maybe the Shinwoo Techno 2’s. They are the same price range as the ONE or WHIP. Just another item to consider. I ordered a pair for when I’m ready to tackle 3A.

I’m not sure what exactly makes a good 3a yoyo, but I’ve used a couple (delicious, sigma blade, and a confection). The delicious is super stable, and moderately heavy feeling. the sigma blades are also pretty stable, and I read from brett from highspeed that a really stable yoyo is good for it.
so I’m going to assume you want stability. lol

I’d check b/s/t, some people sell 3a sets for decently cheap. Like earlier I saw 2… some metal that I don’t remember the name of right now for $80 shipped. Probably not what you’re looking to spend to start out 3a, but that’s just an example.

It must have a decent rim weight…
Ones… hard to keep up…
Glow-Nasty… Decent can work with
Protostars (Look around BST for some cheap)… What people usually start with…

Basically, (for me at least), it must have good rim weight, fair catch zone (wide but not too wide), and it must be stable, and something you are willing to scratch/damage.