best beginner/intermediate 3a yoyo?

Hey, I’ve started 3a about a month ago and have gotten pretty far, the only problem is that I’ve been using a one drop rally and a protostar for it. If I’m going to get a good 3a beginner yoyo, which should I?

2 diffusion

I use 2 Onestars when I try to do 3a. They are cheap and don’t get scratched up easily. I would pay the extra 50 cents to get the upgraded ones with a center trac bearing

Another thing, a few guys at a yoyo meet recommended either a peg or asteroid. Are they any good for 3a?

You mean PSG… They are great. I have a pair of REGENS. Protostars or Northstars are AMAZEBALLS for 3a beginners.

Sorry, psg kept getting autocorrected. So, psg and/or asteroid are a no?

Personally think a pair of rallies is infinitely better than a pair of PSG’s

The real question is: How much is your budget?

A pair of protostars cost 70.

A pair of PSGs cost 25.

A pair of Rallies cost 90.

Any good H-Shape, hefty, long-spinning, 1a throw is perfect for 3a.

Get a rally or protostar, that way you only have to buy one. Rally imo.

The only problem to having a pair of a yoyo I already own is that all of them are really beat up. So beat up that my sand paper job couldn’t do anything, so I’m going with something cheaper

I agree with stuart. Get another rally and use them for 3a.
If you want to buy a new pair, get a budget metal, I find that they hold up to damage better than common plastics.