3A pair

I wanna try my hand at 3A. I don’t know if I will stick with it so I don’t wanna go spending a bunch of money. So I was wondering what a good cheap 3A pair is.

A pair of Protostars is an excellent choice for starting out 3a! If that’s still a bit much something cheaper is a pair of Classics. I’ve heard great things about the Classic for 3a and 5a so that’s probably an ideal choice for a cheap 3a pair… You’ll want to mod them for unresponsive play though so you’ll need pads(or silicone) and a C bearing which will increase the price, but still cheaper than protostars. If you want something even cheaper you can get used, already modded Classics so you won’t have to spend the extra money on pads and bearings.

Two choices:

PSGs or PSG Gems(same price) or Speedaholics.

Since you’re not sure if you want to dive in deep, this lets you dive in cheap and take you as far as you want to go.

I recommend the Speedaholics.

Where can I find some good 3A tutorials? I know Duncan has some basic stuff but where can I find some more advanced stuff?

I feel most 3a is slow enough that you can figure out most of their tricks
just start watching nats videos and you’ll pick up on the tricks pretty fast

Okay i will definitely try that. But if it doesn’t work, what is a good website?

http://yotricks.com/yoyo-tricks/3a-yoyo-tricks/ start here

Ok thanks. I forgot about those guys.