3A Pair...

I want generally full sized or over sized but im okay with smaller diameter, dont really care about width, or shape, good for any kind of 1a play, can play fast or slow, good for 3a (buying a pair) VOTE FOR YOUR TOP 3

Out of that list, Shutters probably your best bet. Protostars are nice for 3a too :slight_smile:

The Choices:

Werrd Hours
Werrd Eighty Six 400s
Yoyofficer Auras
YoYoJam XLR8s
YoYoFactory Delrin Severes
YoYoFactory Shutters
God Tricks Cyclones
God Tricks Bounty Hunters
God Tricks Returns
God Tricks Bombers
Duncan Echos
Crucial A.Y.C.E.sdown!

I have many of these.

I recently played the Eighty-Six 400. Thanks Elephark. That’s a good one. Really good. The shape would be ideal as well. I gotta get me one!

The XLR8’s would be good too, but I think they aren’t quite as stable, at least they aren’t for me. Not really sold on having bought this one. Hey, not everything can fit right for me.

What I would say is avoid undersized for sure. Oversized would be fine.

However, my starting pairs for 3A are going to be plastics, by my own choice. PSG Gems, Classics, Speedaholics. I don’t plan to get very far with 3A. Don’t interpret that as a defeatist attitude, I just think this will be pretty hard for me and I might not get into it all that much. If I can do a handful of 3A tricks, I’ll be happy. It’s mostly for demonstration purposes anyways, so I don’t need to do much.

So… which are lets say… the top 3 you recommend most? Im getting a pair of Speedaholics and probably a YoYofficer Gravity or Duncan Hayabusas w/ MOD Spacers depending on if the pair I get are less or more than $55…

you should pick up b grade protons
those seem to be pretty popular for 3a

The top 3 of your list? Or the Top 3 I recommend?

I"m not recommending the Classics or PSGs or Speedaholics because they are cheap, or because they are plastic, or because they are cheap and plastic. I’m recommending them because I think for starting out with 3A, why spend a ton of money? Heck, I think you could get 2 PSG’s for around $25 or so, and two Speedaholics for another $27, so you could get all of that for under $55.

The Classics end up costing more due to upgrades. If you have spare bearings and flowable silicone or compatible pads, then if you like the Classics, get them. A pair will run you more if you need to buy the other parts.

I think the PSG’s are ideal for 3A. Get the Gem series. A little heavier, more spin time, more stability. Some PSG’s can have vibe issues.

Why is it that you seem to make a new 3a thread every week asking which 3a pair to get? Regardless get some Hours. Forget the rest and get the best.

He only made exactly a total of 10 threads with “3A” in the title.

Same Dif. He should just buy a pair and be happy.

Protons, that’s what I am using.

Just started with this 3a thing using 2 protons already got assisted mach 5 down.

I will get another Di base 2 and Protostar so I have 3 pairs

Duncan Strixes look great. Not to wide or big but just perfect.