3A pairs that are uncommon?

Im looking for some uncommon 3A pairs!

I always hear Stargazers, gleipnirs, Maxbets, Genesi, etc

I’m looking for pairs that are very very uncommon!

Pair of raiders

I always enjoyed a set of ILYY Fury’s for 3A. BEYOND stable and the longest spin time I’ve EVER encountered.

NVx’s are also great for 3A. I believe Alex Curfman used them for awhile.

Thanks for nothing
I meant usable

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Wow, those do look amazing!
What about 2we1s?
I’ve heard they’re pretty stable too!

I’ve seen that alot actually!

It was a joke, lighten up.

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Sorry, I’m just going though a rough time. And jokes bother me
Sorry! I forget not everyone knows how I feel

I’m not a rapper.

Understood haha


Most 3a pairs trends to be more angular throws. Round butterfly shapes tend to br more centered and to most people heavily rum weighed yoyos are more popular. I personally think echos would make smashing 3a pairs. I also use superstars which I love for 3a

Echoes are rather popular

Superstars however, hmm that’s rather different! I’ve never seen it for anything but 1A before come to think if it haha.

Ive been thinking, maybe 2 YYR Z-ONs it Mr.Butchers!

Maybe 2 3yo3 Hammerheads

I’ve also heard Ironies are amazing for 3a. I don’t really think echoed are popular seeing as only one professional uses them for competition. As for superstars, when kentaro kimura was on YYF he used superstars for 3a and look at what he has accomplished.

Superstars aren’t uncommon, Patrick Borgerding used them before the MVP came out, and as previously mentioned Kentaro used them to much success.
Ironies are in fact fantastic, lots of players using these.
I use a pair of Crucial Delicious. A really “out there” pair would be the Dif-E-Yo Juggernaut. I only got to play a pair for a bit, but very good. Code1,Code2, Burnside also haven’t been mentioned yet.
Yoyojoker and yoyomonster also put out some good 3A throws. This is all I can think of for now!

How are the Delicious-es?

And yes! YoyoJoker!
The Xrossroads look awesome!

KK’d Delicious have been my main 3A throw for a few months. Very good.

I don’t think I ever seen anyone use chiefs or any other Clyw for 3a

Too expensive. Especially when you could use just about any other cheaper metal and get the same, if not better, results.

Code 2 GZRs
Avant Garde 1 and 2
Just about any yoyo that their owners can’t bear to scratch up or are oddly sized such as micro yoyos or offstring yoyos.