Are PSG's Good for Starting 3A?

Are PSG’s good yo-yos to learn 3A on? I might get some here or at the BAC coming up on May 26th. I’ve been wanting to start 3A but I can’t really find a cheap yo-yo to start on. Can you help? Thanks!

I don’t see why not. I like the weight of those better than the YYF Starbrite. I’d say the PSG would be a little bit better. But keep in mind it comes down to preferences. Another option might just be to double up on a good, stable 1A yoyo you already have. It just depends on what you want to do. For under $40, you can get a decent pair for 3A. But, if you want to go cheaper, you can go with a pair of Shinwoo Techno2’s, which will hit you around $20 for the pair. I purposely choose unmatching colors for 3A so I can tell them apart, but that’s just me. If you get 3, you can mix and match halves!

I recently decided I was going to try my hand, or hands if you will, at 3a. Having a decent collection, and knowing that I was going to beat the crud out of whichever pair of throws I chose for the task, I opted to snag a pair of PSG’s and Asteroid’s. I personally found the asteroids to be a tad more forgiving as far as stability is concerned, but really it is a rather insignificant difference between the two imho. That being said if you already have a PSG and were just planning on grabbing another to make your set, I wouldn’t hesitate. Now if you were planning on buying a pair, I would personally recommend to Asteroid’s over the PSG’s. Please keep in mind that for both the PSG and the Asteroid I found their response system to be far to slippy for my liking. I would be prepared to silicon either if I were you, as learning 3a benefits far more from strong throws then any other style, again this is my opinion.

Also the Asteroids caps are removable , so not only can you mix halves as Studio42 stated, but you can also switch caps. Or you can get really crazy and switch halves and caps!

I put a single CBC Pro Pad in each PSG and they made an excellent pair.

I don’t have either of them I just might get 2 at once.

I’m probably going to get a pair of Asteroids and start. I think they’re more balanced. What do you think? Thanks!

i started on the PSGs. i totally recommend them, you might just want to put a little lube in the bearings because they’re pretty unresponsive.
they’re great yoyos, and really do play like metals. they spin really long, and are pretty stable.
i haven’t tried the asteroid, so i cant compare the two.
but i recommend the psgs

Hmm. . . . Both seem really good. Which one is more balanced? Thanks!

I’m not a big fan of PSG for anything, for the same price, they’re clearly outplayed by Starbrites (btw I got both)

it’s not a bad yoyo, but I wouldn’t compete with it. I would compete with a starbrite tho.