3a yoyo question.

I want to try do learn 3a. I was thinking of either using YYF Onestars, YYJ Surges, or C3 Speedaholics. I am looking in the cheaper price range. I was wondering if people could compare the yoyos in pairs. (ex. onestar to surge, onestar to speedholic, speedaholic to surge.)
I would prefer it like this so I can here opinions about each yoyo compared to each yoyo at the separate times, rather that all at once.

Or, is there just a completely different yoyo you would recommend?

Thank you!

Surge would be fine. I think the PSG Gem’s would be actually ideal. They are cheap enough to easily get 2. They are also a shape that works very well for 1A, 3A and 5A. The Classic with upgrades would be another great option but the upgrades add to the cost. Alpha Crash would be great too. I won’t discuss the Speedaholic because I don’t know anything about it yet.

The OneStar would be OK, but in generally it’s a bit too light.

I’m not gonna do “this to that” comparisons.

I have a set of Classics set up for 3A. I will eventually get more PSG’s and PSG Gems to have 3A sets for as well.

So, my recommendation is PSG Gems. The extra weight will benefit you.

3As an insane style man… hardest one IMO, looks awesome though, even the simple stuff is awesome

Now, if you want to give it a go, 2 upgraded classics would be nice. Take out the O rings, silicone them, and throw in a C bearing for them and you’re set!

The surge would be a better choice because of it’s weight, the classic feels too light for me.

Are regular PSG’s different from the Gems? Besides color anyways.

In my opinion I would say Surges would be your best bet

I’ve thrown them myself and had a couple of my friends begin 3a with them. They’re much heavier and more stable than the PSGs are

The PSG Gem series are heavier. Yeah, different plastic and transparent colors, but the key thing is that they are heavier.

That means the regular PSG’s are lighter. It’s all preferences. Either way is a good choice. I just think that the heavier weight of the PSG Gems might be more beneficial by giving you more spin times and maybe a touch more stability and being a bit more forgiving.

Do you think it is really helpful? I like the colors on the regular ones better.

If you want the regular ones, then get the regular ones. As silly as some people may think it to be, I also feel that if you don’t like the look of something, why spend your money on it? If you like the colors of the regular ones, then by all means, I completely feel that is sufficient enough reason to go that route.

What you might give up by going that route is a bit of spin time and a bit of forgiveness on bad throws or landings. These are trivial issues. If you’re not playing clean anyways, no amount of extra weight can compensate.

Also, not to name drop, but before Josh Yee got picked up by MadHouse, he was using PSG’s for 3A anyways. I don’t feel he was simply doing this as part of his “use a cheap yoyo, it’s the thrower not the yo” thing, but because I think he felt that for how he played, this was an ideal solution for him. Now that he’s on his own again, odds are he might be dropping back to more affordable yoyos.

I have both a regular and GEM PSG. I do intend to get a second of each. What I ultimately decided to use when I get into 3A is yet to be determined. I have a pair of Shinwoo Techno 2’s, YYJ Classics and soon a couple of pairs of PSGs that will around for learning 3A.

I hear speedaholics are pretty solid and long spinning and really cheap