Is the Adegle PSG good for 3A?


Read the title.
Also, does the Gem Series make a difference?


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If the PSG was good enough for Josh Yee to take 3rd at BAC in 2012, then it’s more than good enough for me, in my opinion. At the same time, Josh Yee at the time had a reputation of trying to mainly use inexpensive yoyos, partially due to finances, but largely due to the fact to prove you don’t need to spend serious bank to get a decent yoyo. I completely agree that you don’t need a top-dollar yoyo to be able to do some serious playing.

The GEM series are a bit heavier. I feel they spin longer and are more stable because of the added weight. As far as smoothness, the PSG and Gem series can have units that are smooth and some with vibe. These yoyos are very durable and are great for 5A too. I think these would not only make a good beginner/starter 3A set, but will easily take you into competition.

My advice after this would be you may wish to clean and/or replace the bearing as your needs and preferences require. The other area would be perhaps changing the response system out as many people have had complaints about the response. I haven’t had any issues with the bearing OR the response on mine. I have both the PSG and GEM PSG, but only one of each. Now you make me want to get a second of each.

Another option might be a pair of YYJ Classics with upgrades, or the YYJ Surge. If you really have your eyes on the PSG, the PSG Gem would be the one I would recommend for your 3A pair.


Hey, Your Back! :D… Had my eye on the PSG for a while, your posts got me into getting a classic, color black :D, might just get another classic and switch halves with my first classic for 3A and 1A because of money right now, (Its my main 1A throw right now, smoothness is better than my Dv888 :D) than when I get better I’ll just buy a few Gem Series PSGs, (I am using a Classic and a Shaqlerstar right now for my 3A pair XD, if I decide to continue 3A, lots of fun, will also pick up 2A using a pair of YYJ Unleashed yoyos, will also get another PSG for 5A someday, Thanks for your help though! :smiley:


I prefer the asteroid to the PSG
thats just my preference though

(Waylon) #5

The PSG is a great all around budget yoyo. I own a few.


The PSG I find is good for 3a, 5a, and 1a.