3A yoyos


I want to try 3A yoyoing, and I have two questions. First, should I use two of the same yoyo, or two different ones? And second, what’s a good yoyo, or yoyos, to do 3A with?

(themikedurdak) #2

It’s good to have the same. For cheap, good sets buy classics with c sized bearings. If you have more money, get phenomizms, c forces, Cerberus-es, or werrd hours.


For 3a there are millions I’d choices you could do but if your starting out my suggestion is 2 ADGELE PSGs because well there cheap then you can upgrade when done


Why the heck did I not think of this? I was eyeing the PSG gem too.


I’d upgrade the bearings in the PSG Gems to something with a shape, such as a Trifecta bearing. With the money you’d save over getting a pair of Protostars, you’d come out ahead.

Another viable option is the YYJ Classic. I’d still say upgrade the bearing and the response system in the Classic. It’s almost a price wash if you go Classic vs. PSG.


I would get a pair of chasers. They already come with a good bearing they have a good weight and play well. They will take you really far.

(themikedurdak) #7

I love my classics. I’m using them for 3a at Illinois states.