YYF Protostars VS YYJ Chasers VS Adegle Gem Series PSGs


Which one would I pick for beginner 3A till advanced 3A and good for the 1A stuff I do (long tricks, horizontal, stuff like spirit bomb, kamikaze, black hops, rejections, slack, whips, etc.) ? YYF Protostar, YYJ Chaser, Adegle Gem Series PSGs, or another yoyo? Will also get a Fiesta XX with it cuz my Go Big went DERP (When I tighten it so its not loose, it snags EVERY throw, I need to unscrew it a bit to play it and since I need to do that, yoyo unscrews into half about every few drops :frowning: ) Thanks for the votes and opinions…


Haven’t you made like 3 threads about this? I’d get the PSG’s, but I’m not sure how well they do at horizontal.


The Chasers outplay the PSGs in every way possible with the possible exception of horizontal. I don’t know about the Protostars. They seem like great yoyos.


Well… I am using my own money, im a junior at high school, im like 14, and since school is starting, i wont be able to get a new throw for a few months :frowning:


There’s been a lot of this question lately.

I’m still saying a pair of Adegle PSG GEM series.

The GEM series has additional weight over the original PSG’s.
They are inexpensive but they are not junk. They are a very good yoyo. However, they are known to have a bit of vibe, some have more than others. It won’t affect play.
Good shape, generous catch zone. The shape really lends itself well to 3A and 5A too.

Mind you, the Chaser and Protostars rock hard for 3A too and I have zero hesitation recommending those as options. I think the PSG is an excellent choice. Other options would be the Alpha Crash, Classic with ugprades and Surge.

I have all the models I am discussing. I have a pair of Classics set aside for 3A play. I am also going t get a second PSG and PSG Gem for options with 3A. I feel the Protostar and Chaser are better suited for 1A play in my opinion, but that’s all it is: my opinion. I’ve seen lots of people using Protostars for 3A, and the Chaser has the same effective shape. The Chaser is heavier, but man does it play fast and light.

I can do nearly any trick I know how to do on any yoyo I have with the exception of the Mighty Flea and Aoda Littles, but I can do nearly everything on the Littles. The Mighty Flea is too difficult for me to use right now.

As far as your 4A issues, I think your problems are just form lack of experience and practice. You’ll go through snaggy periods in 4A. Also, check your bearings as bearings take different abuse and wear from 4A play. I find I need to clean my 4A bearings out more often. However, if the yoyo is constantly snaggy and you can actually legitimately rule out skill(or lack there-of), it could be the solid spin axle needs adjusting, which isn’t exactly major surgery but it is a bit of work. I’m working on my kid’s Fiesta XX right now. The gap in the GoBig is even smaller so it’s easier to snag. Unscrewing doesn’t address the issue, it only creates a problem, as you’ve found out.

(M.DeV1) #6

How are you a Junior in high school at 14?

Must be brilliant or something.


I studied till freshman year in a certain country in Asia, the Philippines :smiley: , can speak English and Tagalog, when I studied there, 7th and 8th grade didn’t exist in our school and in most schools across the country, today (about 2 years later) , they’re starting to make 7th and 8th grade a part of schools there now, I just so happened to graduate from 6th grade into freshman year along with my classmates just in time so we don’t need to do 7th and 8th grade :smiley: went here to the USA to study for sophomore year, funny story actually, this was last year, so I was 13 back then, since I was so young, MY CURRENT SCHOOL WOULDN’T ACCEPT ME, till they saw my grades, straight A’s except not straight cuz there were about 3 B 's or something I don’t remember only thing I remember was I had high grades, I had 10 subjects back then, so my grade was pretty high, then they accepted me :D, I’m pretty brilliant… now I remember when my classmates across different classes started learning I was young (I’m 13 and I’m like a sophomore, who isn’t gonna spread the news, friends in the class started spreading the news to our classmates in that class and in other classes, so and so forth, in all my 6 classes, everybody new that I was 13, this took place about 3 months after school started, spreading to all of my classes took until May of this year, when I became 14, that’s when everybody I knew, knew I was 13 before, pretty long story XD) people bugged me for WEEKS ( let’s say some still can’t believe it and took then about 2 MONTHS to stop) I remember shouting across the classroom that I’m 13 over and over again arguing on a few occasions…

P.S. Why I studied in the Philippines, well I started studying there in 3rd grade, my parents are Filipinos, so I had relatives there, I had no one to be with at the house, I was born here in the USA prematurely (5 months old, put in an incubator for about 4 months) I studied preschool there, went back here, forgot how to speak Tagalog, relearned it when I came back in 3rd grade…

P.S.S. 10 subjects, they were English, Filipino (basically Tagalog), History, TLC (basically study about the computer and stuff u do on it), MAPEH (music, arts, P.E., health), Values Ed. (Religion), Math, Science, Speech, and Basketball (Extra Curricular Activities, it was either basketball, swimming, ballet, or hip hop)

P.S.S.S. Yes, yes I am pretty brilliant, just gave everyone my life story there XD also didn’t start to yoyo till May of this year (asked for a DV888 on my birthday for my first yoyo, still not broken but has so many dings there is a chance my fingers would bleed when it goes back to my hand, which is the reason I have plastic yoyos :p)

I have decided on getting the pair of Adegle Gem Series PSGs, writing what I just wrote gave me time to think XD CD will get Chasers or metals when I get better, already have a shaqlerstar, want something different…