YoYo Help! (again)

Hey guys. I know I posted a topic a few days ago and I’ve came down to a few main choices:
Also any other suggestions are welcomed also and I need this yoyo for 1a. I’ve done about all the intermediate tricks with my PSG and asteroid but can’t do much of the advanced. Thanks.

Why don’t you just add this to the topic you posted a few days ago? It’s still part of that topic/thread.

All 3 are excellent choices. I am partial to the Northstar. I have all three. Each are special in some way. The Protostar does seem the most well received.

You can do a TON more with your PSG and Asteroid. The choices you have won’t help you in any way other than to give yo more variety. What you need is more practice. At the same time, some more variety can’t hurt!

I’ve only used the Protostar and I would highly recommend it. The Northstar is very similar, being just a few grams heavier, so they’re both fine options.

To be honest though, you can get through a lot more with your Asteroid. That was to yoyo that took me through most of the advanced section and into the expert. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t try different yoyos (you’ve listed some amazing yoyos), just realize that they won’t necessarily make you a better yoyo-er or make tricks any easier.

UM i like all the yoyos above so just choose on which one u like the best:looks, weight, colors etc. However the PSG and the Asteroid are really good as well and getting new yoyos wont do anything to improve the PSG and Asteroid can do all the tricks on YYE with ease if you practice.

Okay. I have looked around and have found a few more yoyos to add to my list.
These are ones that I found but I still am dinging my yoyos on the ground and need a durable one for 1a. I have about 50 bucks for a yoyo, any help is welcome. Thanks! :slight_smile: ;D

I’d avoid the Popstar for awhile. It’s tiny. Nice for a pocket throw later on, but it’s definitely harder to play with than a regular-sized yo-yo. :slight_smile:

I don’t have thatbig hands and kinda wanted to get an undersized yoyo. Thanks anyway.

If you’re dinging your yoyos on the ground, have you tried shortening your string? That’s what I would do. I’ve been taking a bit of length out of my string(3-4 inches maybe due to the knot and loop? Maybe not even that much).

Anything you’ve chosen is suitable for what you want and is good stuff. I would avoid the popstar though as it’s too small. It’s not a bad yoyo, it’s just way too small. You can get other undersized yoyos that while are bigger, will perform better.

Also, yoyos are usually very durable and unless you’re just slamming them down. But we’re talking the difference between playing the yoyo and deliberately abusing it. Plastic, metal, metal and plastic… it really won’t matter. Dings DO happen. Shorten your string to your proper length and chances are you’ll be avoiding the ground!

I think I’m getting the dv888 because I was wanting one for stuff like chopsticks mount. Thanks. :slight_smile:

The XCon Pro and Hitman Pro are also undersized.

I think for now, yeah, since you want a metal, the dv888 might be the best choice. If you’re itno spending a BIT more, a Dietz might be a better bet. The Cafe Racer is nice too but the Dietz I like a lot better. My hands aren’t enormous, but I know when I have the skills, I CAN do a chopstick mount with nearly anything.

Have you considered the C3 YoYODesign DiBase? I like that a LOT better than my dv888.

The Di-base is incredible.

Simple as that.

Yep. DiBase far outclasses the DV888 in my mind.

Hello again. I am going to get the dv888 (most likely) and would like to know what you guys say are the pros and cons of this yoyo. Thanks again. ;D :slight_smile:

Solid, stable, good spin times. Undersized if you like that sort of thing. It’s affordable as well. Feels heavy for the size, but doesn’t play heavy, but you do notice it on the string. Not a bad thing.

I don’t know. It’s OK, I mean, it’s more than decent, but to me it just doesn’t play like anything special. It’s like “OK, I get the job done”. It just feels utilitarian. But that’s MY impression of it.