Looking for a "fun" yo-yo

I’m looking to buy either a DV888, Di Base, Protostar, POPstar, Hitman Pro, or an X-Con Pro. Which should I get?

I know that most people will say the Di Base. However, here’s the thing: I’m not looking for a yo-yo that can perform better than the other. I’m looking for the yo-yo that will deliver the most fun, and possibly spark up my interest for yo-yoing even more.

For the heck of it, I’ll put up my preferences:

I’m an advanced player (finished all the tricks on this site, as well as most on Rethinkyoyo). I like light-weight yo-yos (which is why I listed the Protostar and not the Northstar). I prefer undersized throws, but it doesn’t really matter. I prefer having a yo-yo that can move at a medium or fast pace. I don’t mind what shape it is, but it would be nice if the yo-yo could handle horizontal play.

So yeah. Any thoughts? I’m welcome to any new suggestions.

The Hitman Pro and XCon Pro are amazing and can work good at most speeds but tend to want to stick around medium speeds. The XCon Pro doesn’t like bad throws, so it’s good as a “trainer” too, which is good for newer players. It’s not a problem for advanced players.

The Popstar, well, I just didn’t like it. Too small for my preferences. I won’t be adding one to my collection.

DV888: it plays like a $45 yoyo should play. It’s heavy playing because of how it’s designed and being undersized. For the shape, I’d recommend a MMN, which is I think a bit heaver, but doesn’t play heavy on the string and I enjoy it much more. I just fine the dv888 a good utilitarian yoyo but nothing amazing or special. Fun? Sure, but just nothing that great. The MMN I find way more fun.

Protostar would be my choice here for you as opposed to the Northstar because you want lighter weights. The Protostar can really get up and move though. It plays good at any speed, but super fast is not it’s thing. Amazing plastic, one of the best out there for an all plastic. You may hear that the Protostar and Northstar are pretty much up there with $100 metals, and in my opinion, they are. Unlike many of your other choices, the Protostar is full sized.

But, you’re looking for something medium speed and can do horizontal. While any yoyo can do horizontal, certain shapes lend themselves better for this, and that puts the DiBase as the only one from your list that really meets all your criteria. It’s a medium weight, it borders on undersized.

Terms like “most fun” and “better” are relative terms based on preferences. I have all of these except the Popstar, and at least I’ve played the Popstar.

First, I think the Di Base is better than the rest you’ve mentioned. I am a big fan of the XCon Pro, but even so, I like the Di Base better. I’ve been playing my Hitman Pro a lot more, but again, I feel the Di Base is the better yoyo. Better for me means better performance and a more enjoyable or even fun experience. The Di Base also has the kind of general shape that works good for horozontal, by that being a V-type shape with lots of rim weight, although many people also say having a rise around the response area helps as well. It’s good a decent grinding surface and even includes weight rings that you probably won’t use. It’s also a fantastic value for the money, which hey, makes it all the more fun.

Other models I would recommend would still be the MMN, which isn’t as great at horizontal. I wonder how well the Cascade can do horizontal. You may want to also consider the Code 1 and Code 2, Capless, Monkey Fist, MVP(I’m saying OG but maybe the 2.0 can be good), YYS Stalker and I’m sure others can recommend more.

The Di base is lots of fun to play with

you might want to check out the ilyy void or valve
or some of the spin dynamics stuff.

Well, I know it’s been a few days, I but I’ll highly consider the Di Base over the rest.

Of the ones you mentioned, the Di-base is a very nice throw. Very well balanced, and great size.

Otherwise, and I may be a bit biased, but all bias aside, the EPIC is a very great throw as far as FUN in concerned. Super fun throw to mess around with and great play.


I love the protostar…I miss mine

I really want to get one.

Also, your first post recommending a Madhouse when your sponsored by Madhouse!



i agree with jayyo the epic is a crazy fun throw and because it has the madhouse ta ta’s on that makes it even more fun

haha that’s what I thought too.

I played a friend’s Epic months ago. Since then it’s been “gotta get an Epic, gotta get an Epic”. I finally got an Epic.

Oh yeah, this is a massively fun throw. Stacks, use them or ignore them. Good feel, good shape, very well rounded.

But, for those who are truly open minded, any working yoyo can be fun. I’m not that good yet, but I am open minded. Fixed axle is not my thing at the moment. I reserve the right to explore fixed axle play at any time I feel like it.

Price isn’t a factor. I can have as much fun with a Magic YoYo T5, a Lyn Fury, an Asteroid, a Stackless Grind Machine and other under $20 yoyos, as I can with something that costs as much as an Epic does or far beyond. As long as it works, I’m good.

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I’m gonna just throw this out here

I think the Northstar doesn’t play “lighter” but more floaty than the Proto

The Proto feels more like a supernova soild fast yoyo

The Northstar fits your play style much better

I’m sure all the ones you listed are fun, but the X-Con PRO stood out among them for fun. Here’s why I think so:

Visually, it looks soooo cool. Bright plastic colors available that contrast on both sides of the shiny, functional weight rings.

The feel is really unique. Plastic on the outside, metal inside, then plastic inside that. This also makes for a durable combination of materials as the metal rings are insulated from dings and breaking off.

It’s undersized, yet wide, and all catch zone for normal and horizontal string tricks. No compromise on performance; fun, easy catches.

I think you’ll like the speed. t’s not as slow as the Hitman PRO.

Good luck!

I know it’s not on your list, but I’d strongly recommend the OD Cafe Racer. It’s 50mm and plays very light, while still having some presence on the string, so it sounds like a nice fit for you. You definitely sound like a better player than me, but our preferences seem to be pretty similar, and I can tell you that I first got a DiBase and it is an absolute monster. For the price, it really is unbelievable. With that being said, I found that the Cafe Racer is equally capable, and in my humble opinion is more “fun” to play with. It’s got a very unique feel to it that sets itself apart from other throws that I have used, and it plays comfortably at any speed that you’re capable of throwing at it.

Just my thoughts, Happy Hunting! ;D

The popstar is lots of fun! True it’s super small but that’s half the challenge and it’s actually a very good performer as well. Never tried horizontal on it but who knows? Also, the hitman pro I really enjoyed playing, it was fun, great performer and was all around awesome. The di base was more of a competition throw but it was fun to play nontheless. The x-con pro also seems more of a competition throw more than fun. Just my two cents!

Yes, I was looking at the EPIC earlier, but how much centered weight does it have? I’m afraid those large spinning side caps will affect the performance too much…

Nonetheless, it does seem really cool to mess around with.

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