Good 3a pair to really get going?

OK so i am throwing a little 3a and know some basic mounts and blue line rolls and such but now i really want to get cooking! so my budget is around 50-70 for the pair and i was wondering what you guys recommend! i like full sized and it needs to be super stable!

I would say protostars I have a pair of jks I got pnwr that I will be outgrowing soon and will get another protostar for 3a

Yea i have those B grade jks too! that’s what I’ve been learning on so far!

Anything else you guys can recommend?

2 PSG’s. 2 Asteroids, 2 Protostars, 2 Northstars. After that, the price jumps up because the individual prices start too high.

Heck, 2 Starbrights would work fine.

I would probably pick two northstars. I find them to be a bit more stable than a protostar, yeat still very good yoyos. Also this stability comes from the 2 extra grams. This is a great yoyo, in fact I have owned a total of five and currently own 2. They are just a bit fragile, not as in hitting the ground, but unscrewing it mostly. I find them to not screw together too well. So if I get a bearing not I always(and you should too) try to use my fingers or a safety pin to get it out. If you are interested in this here is where to buy it to save you some work!

Hope you get some, and enjoy them too!

Two PSG’s or two Asteroids. Two very great, cheap throws. If you like full-size, get the Asteroid because it is a little bit bigger than the PSG.

Ok I think I will get two northstars.

When you get better, get 2 gleipnirs. They are literally THE BEST for 1a and especially 3a.

Arent those YYR which are near impossible to got your hands on?

They’re in stock. They’re just really expensive.

What do guys think, dark magic 2’s, or Cerberus’s?

Dm 2s
also completely disregard the psg it’s shape and stability are terrible for 3a although the asteroid isn’t that bad

If you’re looking at that kind of money, get the C-Force as it was designed with 3A in mind.

anyone know how they play?

Well dm2 are 43$ over at this other store.

No clue. I saw a kid with 6 of them for his 3A at CalStates though.

yea I’m getting two Dark magic 2. They seem to be the best for the price and are highly recommended.